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Innovation, Quality, and Craftsmanship

Pairan Technology heralds the revival of innovation, an atmosphere steeped in creativity, an organization that takes pride in regularly creating breakthrough technologies. Real technological marvels not requiring a veritable army of maintenance technicians. We are an engineering company that is obsessed with quality, a firm committed to their customer's dreams, timeline, budget, and aspirations - an organization comprised of engineers who are never afraid to imagine, and always ready to break-through perceived technological barriers. We create superior systems not 'excretions' from a technology production-line. Our engineering professionalism is a "labor of love" that feeds our inspiration, dreams, passion, and insight. Pairan Technology crafts treasured creations; systems that are truly works of art.


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Leidos (Object CTalk subcontractor) - Staff Software Engineer

    2-Week Notice to Start at Raytheon - I was hired by Raytheon for a significantly better paying Secret position so I gave Leidos my 2 week notice. On Thursday the day before my last day on the DCPDS Leidos project Raytheon informed me that the new position now required a Top-Secret full-scope clearance so I informed them that I would not be joining their organization.

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  • 1st Email from Security
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Pairan Technology - Software Engineer/Architect/CEO

Pearson Education - Senior Software Developer

Sentry Insurance - Senior Programmer Analyst

Boeing Phantom Works - FCS - Software Engineer III

Boeing Phantom Works - SDS - Embedded Software Engineer

Blue Nova Software - Architect/Software Engineer/CEO

NTransit - Programmer Aeroflex Altair Cybernetics - Software Engineer III Walker Information - Programmer Analyst II

    IMS Based Upon My Strategic Management Outline - I designed and developed the "Integrated Management System" an early Java stand-alone (SWING UI) BPM strategic management application.

  • Strategic Management Outline

American United Life Insurance - Programmer Analyst I

Macmillan Publishing - Senior Financial Analyst

Howard W. Sam's Company - Accountant

Day Dream Publishing, Inc. - Production Coordinator

Cincinnati Central Credit Union - GL Accounting Coordinator

My Prior Website - Ultra Liberal Planet (2009 - 2012)

My Prior Blog - Structural Economic Issues (2007 - 2009)

My Early AI Networks - 1999 to Blue Nova Software

Extreme Survivability System (ESS) - R.Pairan Jr.


What was the Sustainment Data System (SDS)? Patent

Sustainment Data System (SDS) PowerPoint Presentation


What was Future Combat Systems (FDS)?


Northern Kentucky University

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