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Zalon Kingdom Recalls RAD War

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An hour ago a weak signal reached the galactic capital Valadon. An eerie shrieking cry coming from a fragile winged creature just before it vanished - this was the extent of the information. Clearly, something had gone wrong out near Zalon Sector Y456T45Z. General Valadi the chief military commander on the nearest base in this remote sector was ordered by high command to send an elite Stabilization Force to investigate.

Snaking their way up the rocky trail the Stabilization Force was getting closer to the signal's origin. Pressed heavily by the planet's gravity they moved slowly. Every foot step crushed the smaller rocks leaving deep treaded imprints in the dry soil. The soldiers kept a safe distance from the cliff's edge. Their weight was doubled on this the Kanelian system's research world. Only a few meters back an entire sheet of the trail gave way taking with it a regiment of Deep Space Invulnerables - DSI's.

Deployed to the most dangerous conflict zones heavy alloy palatostic Deep Space Invulnerables DSI's were integrated cellular level organic cyborgs. They were a fearsome creation that typically could withstand just about anything an enemy could throw at them but falling many thousands of kilometers onto jagged rocky spears reduced them to a slag heap of grayish goo.

Not knowing what to expect in this sparely settled sector that hadn't sent any delegates to Valadon for many centuries General Valadi was taking no chances. Having fought the Tuoks in the RAD invasion he was very cautious.

Back then before the RAD war the kingdom's military had been spread thin. Most believed that the individual planetary systems were capable of defending their particular slice of this the most expansive of the galaxies. It was even suggested that the expense of fielding the central power's military was a waste of taxpayer money. Nearly sixty percent of the kingdom's budget authorized annually by parliament was earmarked for the Zalon Galactic military. The view back then, long before millions were to die was that an enlightened age had finely been reached. Never again would aggression and the horrors of war befall the citizens of this the most prosperous and powerful galaxy in the universe.

They were terribly wrong. Tyrants are always on the watch for an opportunity to invade. The military budget was levelled just like the cities. The kingdom's citizens saved enough to buy all the gravesites they'd need.

With the bulk of what was then the skimpy Zalon military far afield out on a deep space training exercise they never reached the capital Valadon before the Tuoks obliterated it and a good portion of the most prosperous planetary systems. Valadi still had the horrible sights seared in his memory. A new recruit assigned to the command ship Yoron: he nightly relives the destruction - images from hell.

If it wasn't for the creative genius of the legendary general Oppiolo this the only democratic galactic kingdom would now be ruled by a race of vicious amoral parasites.

That experience, the walk among burned out incinerated ruins of many planets, trillions who'd lost their lives to an unspeakable death at the hands of blood sucking parasites - this should never have happened in the most prosperous and enlightened galaxy. After general Oppiolo reconstituted the galactic parliament, the rebuilding of many vaporized planetary capitals that took over a hundred years to finish, and a grieving over trillions of graves it was resolved that never again would the kingdom experience so unspeakable a horror.

Parliament authorized the construction, an investment in the most powerful military force the universe had ever believed possible. Fleets were built and deployed to millions of bases called Sectors throughout the Milky Way. The quality conscious, perfection driven Zalon's merged beauty and a searing power into these the ultimate weapons - the now renowned white War Saucers. That combined with a standing army of trillions of species all united in the defense of the only outpost of freedom; no enemy now dares face the firepower of the Zalon Kingdom.

Power utilized when reality demands has kept the Zalon Kingdom a spirited happy democracy for almost five hundred years - surviving in a dangerous universe requires that the citizenry never fall into the crystal clear pool of illusion.

The Kingdom spans four million years but most citizens only count the last five hundred because the demarcation point that is the RAD war is just too terrible to relive the prior stupidity that caused the needless death of so many innocent souls.

General Valadi received a report from Commander Sailo that a small raiding party of Tuok's had infiltrated the defense parameter in quadrant T8UV. They killed about five souls of the Kanelian race on the outpost research planet. The Zalon Kingdom force had already obliterated their ships and fighters.

Valadi realized that perfection was a goal. Evil was viral it would continue to spread its seeds of violence - some may die but never again would it grip so many in its claws. Keeping monsters at bay demanded vigilance and a constant dose of reality.