Tomorrow We Dance To Freedom

Years Later Someone Asks Who Were These Brave People

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Clouds obscure the sun. No light reflects from the dingy surfaces. Illumination has been sunk deep. Destinies, the future, all planning, the expectations of a forward looking society are gone. Why bother to plan. Today you could be choked, shot, electrocuted by a Taser, or become one of the many forgotten. Let the day’s just click by like the moment just before a uniformed enforcer fires his weapon. You may hear the snap when the bullet drops into the gunpowder blackened cylinder. When dying you will lose that recollection anyway. It will be the responsibility of those still living to uphold your dignity. Better start practicing. Bending down on your knees may save your life – maybe not. Never forget to hold your hands high so those bullets will not spin towards your heart. Not that this will make any difference.

Horrible does not begin to describe the anguish that is the hole of loss. Numbness seeps in the space where once a living breathing person blessed you with their unique personality. Life must never be so cheap that we can just end it so casually. This is the most disturbing aspect of this planet’s culture. Writing it off, disregarding the termination, erasing the passage of another citizen’s spirit seems routine, inconsequential.

Down by the canyons edge we can see the dust blowing.

Swirling tension is twisting the strained emotions of a citizenry. Judgment day will dawn sooner than anticipated. Most will be caught unaware of the impending crisis. There is a cultural sickness.

The end is drawing near.

We are a thousand miles inside the dominion of cruelty. To escape, all of us must come together to express our shock, disbelief, and disgust with the status quo. Where is the outpouring of fellow citizens demanding change?

Dreamers still believe that tomorrow we can be kinder. Tragedy is not our destiny.

Injustice… callousness… inequality… poverty… All the evils that are amplified by a society based upon the pillage of the majority by a few well-placed mega-rich royals can only be stopped by you. Your voice, words, actions…

Years later someone asks. “Who were these brave people that risked all so that we might live in dignity and justice?”