Tomorrow We Dance To Freedom

Worldwide Societal Reformation Can Only Occur When We Cherish Every Contribution

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Feeling distraught does not excuse the necessary elemental responsibilities – if there was only an instantaneous spell that could be cast to bring this planet together. Love, peace, and happiness are so hard to transfer to a mass of beaten down souls. We can do this. Reach back to your youth and try to remember any carefree moment. Maybe your childhood was miserable. There must be a special time that you can hold tight, refresh your hardened spirit with – a reservoir of belief in moving past the drudgery and pain. Grasp hold of this pleasant life experience. When reliving this happiness ask yourself what is stopping you from invigorating our global society so we can permanently maintain this joyful state? United we are all traveling towards the same realizable goal.

Feeling like it’s all out of control. So many basic aspects of our lives are now outside our direction. Maybe we have only resigned ourselves to failure. Could it be you are just tired? That might be the reason you are holding back, falling into a dejected resignation. Sometimes being exhausted after a long day’s work precludes any serious contemplation of any subject. Pushing ourselves by drinking gallons of coffee, cola, or tea may help but at times it just gives you a buzz. Stiffen your back. Remember good posture can work wonders. There must be many other citizens that at this very minute feel the same unbearable tiredness.

That is the beauty of a Fifth Column comprised of many millions pushing the envelope of change. Worldwide societal reformation does not happen with only a few dedicated individuals but with legions of citizens all doing their part no matter how seemingly insignificant. If we stand firm to our convictions nothing in this expansive dazzlingly colorful universe will divert our course to untarnished liberty. Some days will drag you in the dirt but others succeed in uplifting us.

Absolutely essential when we are lying out here in the open is a confirmation that our unity is real. Blending your desires, hopes, and dreams into a nebulous purple vision takes a tremendous leap of faith. Look around, so many of your fellow citizens feel the same tug pulling them towards a societal transformation. We have left the light on in some of the darkest places just for you. Just follow it.

Resolve to try each day to make a difference. Some days are not breathtaking vistas but others will inspire more change. Adding to the cumulative outcome nourishes the spectacular. Make it a point to aspire to make a change even on those days you feel like you have been washed up on a beach left to die. Dig down deep. Make that itsy bitsy nudge that moves us closer to bliss. Contributions are always appreciated within a People’s Movement that values each and every singularly unique citizen.

Never judge yours or others contributions because all are noteworthy. Sometimes it just takes a single flicker of light. Hard to say what tomorrow will bring. Get up and stay positive. Never let negativity drag you down. We have far too much left to brighten. Add that flicker to all the millions more seeking to escape darkness.