Tomorrow We Dance To Freedom

With Every Passing Second We Get Closer To a Bottom-Up Pure Democracy

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A fleeting image obscured my consciousness for a flicker of a second. Visualizing this joy not possible in this reality had the effect of sinking my seared soul deeper into the dungeon of despair. In a culture stymied by puritanical corporate dictatorships we are herded ever tighter into the coral. Bent upon squeezing all the creative juice from inquisitive intellectual mutants for fear they might inspire revolution no original thought can be allowed to slip out. Any strays that attempt escape are shot dead and immediately carted off to the slaughterhouse. This is an unmerciful abomination, a shadowy evil, just a tad wobbly, an off-centered part day oligarchic democracy embedded in a fulltime corporate tyranny that squelches any inquiry perceived to be a threat to the 1% elite royalty. Off with the proverbial head of anyone that inspires the 99% downtrodden classes to rise up against their corporate masters. Better yet, just deny these subversive individuals every opportunity to thrive and advance in this contrived lobbyist infested big-business plutocracy. Keep them suffering the indignities of substandard employment in positions with poor wages and benefits.

Nothing much has changed over the eons. Humankind is still being herded by alphas intent upon snuffing out many lives so that they may parasitically feed. Gluttony by these sociopaths still leaves wastelands in the shadows of palaces. You always wonder if you will ever come across a decent ruler but invariably they are rarer than the most precious gems.

The ebb and flow from generation to generation leaves little that startles. Kings and queens are always degenerates who raze the future in order to rapidly rise to the pinnacle of power and wealth. How they accomplish this is astounding. By gathering hordes of docile citizens inside a ‘stockade’ these bejeweled manipulators of opportunity create fiefdoms built not upon their own limited abilities but by leaching off the accomplishments of the enslaved. For the typical ruler is a parrot brain only able to squawk back the proverbial wisdom of the age. Never the innovative explorers pushing the envelope of the unknown they are instead a pack of thieves lounging idly behind castle walls – followers of precious convention. Incapable of a spark of genius these spoiled brats use legalized theft and all the tools of a 1% privileged based society to steal brilliance. Why would they ever covet an elusive quest into the unknown for who among their privileged mob desires change? In a society that is already geared towards their exclusive enrichment stasis is the preferred state. Maintain the status quo that is the mantra of the emperor.

So year after tortured year, decade after wasted decade, centuries unending, the complacent undertow that is the brightest hope of humanity is dredged up and tossed on the slag heap in service to stagnation. Whitewashed walls never having been splashed with vibrant colors, the full unobstructed variability of unharnessed minds just crumble from neglect. Short-term theft by a few mobsters – all the hopes and dreams resonant in a decent advanced civilization are stolen from the potential longer-term. Sucking like giant vampires the royals perpetuate widespread stagnation that eventually leads to societal degeneration.

Should we try to salvage societies that are rift with corruption, 1% pillage, and lobbyists who subvert democratic principles? Is the People’s Movement being disingenuous by suggesting the underclasses can change the dynamics of this new feudalism simply by electing non-elite aligned candidates for public office? Maybe a purge, a cleansing societal enema is in order. This monstrosity called culture may be so rotten it might be best just to chuck it down the chute.

In the meantime, let us continue to support non-elite aligned candidates that profess our brand of political ideology. Realizing that both Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton are the two U.S. Presidential candidates the oligarchic machine is shoving down our throats. Stay away from these bought-out shells. They will only prescribe more of the same slow-drip slippage into poverty. Both Jeb and Hillary’s big-business handlers must continue to bleed the general population of income so that they may support their gluttonous addiction to wealth and power. These two candidates are the poster children of Wall Street and billionaire barons.

Progressive positive change pushed up from below by our Fifth Column is leading us away from the darkness of oppression. At times it may seem that we are rats furiously running on a spinning wheel that leads nowhere. There are even those among our ranks that have reservations about this gradual approach. Rest assured even though our progress is not readily apparent our movement is fracturing the entire surface of this planet’s foundation of elite privilege. No matter what approach we use our sheer numbers infused across every sector of this society is an unstoppable transformative and revolutionary force. Once rolled down the hill, aimed at the partying bankers and billionaire pirates down below, the gigantic bolder we have launched will without doubt obliterate them and their oligarchic empire. Every second that passes by moves us closer to our goal of pure democracy.