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Why Were Commercial Planes Flying Over a War Zone?

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Just can't stop thinking about the passenger plane that was blown out of the sky by a Russian made missile system. Reports from U.S. intelligence sources suggest that the Moscow supported rebels in eastern Ukraine flipped the switch that ended the lives of close to 300 innocent souls. It is tragic that once again powerful manipulators of this out-of-control planetary oligarchy placed the maximization of revenue before the lives of human beings.

These global citizens were sacrificed because it would have added approximately four-hundred additional miles to a flight if this war zone was bypassed. In an income strapped world that is racing towards oblivion every vanishing penny of corporate revenue must be matched with expenses cut to the bone. It is therefore obvious why the big-business controlled governmental entities of the world allowed passenger planes to fly across a war zone. Their corporate sponsors, the real constituents put pressure on their governments to leave this route open.

No one really gives a damn about the citizens crammed into these tin cans. Surely, you can't expect the executives of these airlines to care when their constantly pressured by mega-investors to increase their profit margins. In an income starved global economy a human life is now totally irrelevant. Global citizens are now written-off when it's expedient.

The People's Movement deplores the placing of profit maximization before the lives of global citizens.

The profit motive coupled with an insatiable greed has infected corporate executives. Compassion, decency, and empathy, all the traits that separate us from the beasts of the jungle have been jettisoned by these 1% elite mobsters. All the corpses still lying twisted and bloated across many miles of a field emphasize how trifling a value is placed upon the 99% of us. We're treated as mere chattel to be cast aside when it is economically expedient.

Rest assured you'll never hear a reporter employed by a corporate media outlet ask why planes were flying over a region fighting a bloody civil war. But this question must be asked. We demand to know the underlying reason for continuing to permit commercial air traffic access to the airspace of a conflict zone.

While we are demanding that all pertinent questions be asked by a corporate dominated media the more significant danger is the Russian Federation's massing of troops along the Ukraine border, and their supplying of rebel forces with advanced weaponry. Obviously, the People's Movement doesn't understand how a former oligarchic was elected president of Ukraine but the citizens of that country have spoken so it is imperative that every member of the movement rally around this democratically elected head of state. Many were killed in the removal of the former tyrant so every adherent to the creeds of our movement must continue to honor the wishes of this fledgling democracy.

It is an extremely dangerous time. Global citizens who proudly adhere to the values of the movement are facing dangers that seemed unimaginable a few months ago. Many of our proudest achievements have been plowed under by new tyrants. This is simply an opportunity to impress upon these adherents of evil that the purple will not be so easily crushed. This is our moment - we can't let freedom escape our grasp. Once gone, evil will have free rein to destroy.