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Why Is It Sacrilegious To Criticize Capitalism and Corporations?

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One percent elites feel they are due a handsome salary package in the millions or billions of dollars because they cleverly exploit armies of labor slaves. They will tell you that it is the least that society can do to honor vampires that suck dry every drop of income and wealth from the economy. "The Establishment" would have you believe that to criticize the dysfunctional robber baron conceived con game called "Capitalism" and the "Corporations" that are the tidal pool that all the world's wealth swirls into eventually reaching the Cayman Island and Swiss bank accounts of 1% billionaire pirates - that this is somehow blasphemous - a treasonable act - akin to badmouthing baseball and apple pie. When 99% of the world's citizens demand economic justice, a fair share of real income from a societal shell game that leaves a sliver of the world's population with obscene mountains of loot the 1% squeal that we are treating them unfairly, persecuting the very parasitic jailers who make our miserable lives a 'spectacular joyride'. Therefore, we must stop hurting the feelings of these sensitive little babies who rob us blind.

It is entirely possible that if you have led a pampered life like one such spoiled braggart who comes to mind, you might be miffed when someone demands a fair shake especially when you carry around the psychological baggage of a sociopath. How could you, being the personification of a deviant society's exalted leader exhibit any empathy for those who work their asses off so you can live like a king? Especially when your entire vampire existence from childhood into adulthood has been a singular pleasure ride with an army of servants fulfilling your every impulsive desire. Outside the palace gates your 'lessors' continue to wallow in debt and fall further into poverty - why should you care, they are a world away, the scum that all your kind milk until shriveled up and planted in the ground. Even the grave does not release them from the tithes to the 'Master Race', you and your 'Masters-of-the-Universe', because now broke, drained of life and potential income, your lessor demons go to work on them demanding thousands of dollars from their 'estates' just to sink their remains in the ground or have them fried into dust.

It is inconceivable to ascribe any decency to gangsters and the offspring of gangsters reared in a gangster household that regularly demeans the "rejects" or "bums" in the 99%. Those "incompetents", the worthless laborers whose productivity provides the trillions in wealth pillaged by the upper crust, those of us who have a conscience and will not holdup our fellow human beings in legalized income heists are portrayed as "weaklings". In the feudal estates where a million dollars advanced to a son to start a real estate empire is considered a "small loan" our singular existence is irrelevant. We are like the many beasts of burden, or a factory of machines - all driven hard, pulverized to produce ever increasing profits for our feudal rulers.

So when someone like Trump, from the CEO class of Viking marauders says he understands your pain, wants to help those of us in this the 'taker' society that he daily raids to pay for his 757 jetliner private planes, island hideaways, lobster dinners, fleet of cars, many mansions, legion of lobbyists and accountants who help him stash all of the money he stole from your paychecks in offshore accounts. Do you fall for his hogwash?

Now that he is Pharaoh, no longer a princeling, when he is among mere mortal slaves he is justifiably slighted by those bottom-scrappers who do not bow down at his feet. Making the effort to grace them with his presence, parking that 757 beast of a private plane next to all his adoring supplicants, and especially taking the time to step outside his palace walls the least that these sniveling serfs could do is prostate themselves before him, the almighty ruler of a business empire, a representative come down from up high in the cloud dwelling class.

It is a grueling job that entails many thankless hours away from the castle. So when it is time to recuperate from the joyless grind these rotten little boys and girls take extra pleasure in screwing a harem of luscious blonds or rock-hard raven haired Zeus studs, drowning in hard liquor chased with many colorful pills, and having weird Pompeii style depraved parties. Servants do ease the strain that creases a CEO's bronzed forehead by placing all the succulent delicacies on a floating table. Sore arms and calloused whip hands make it impossible to glide over to the tub's edge and reach for a lobster tail or a spoon of caviar.

Oh, how pitiful the poor wretches must be - such hardship befalling our overseers, lords, and our favorite pirates. This tragedy would make the most callous working poor homeless person cry in horror. Why just the other day someone in the 10 percent confided that even though a few thousand dollars was chump change they would have to fork it over to 1% bankster sharks who were in a feeding frenzy. It was such a relief to learn that though depressed because the month's toy had to be forfeited the untold wealth stolen from his labor slaves was still tucked safe in a Caribbean offshore banking account. Although when lounging in his palace there are times when depression strikes like a hammer blow because being only a 10 percenter he must stash his pilfered loot not in the upscale Swiss accounts of his more fortunate 1% brethren but those embarrassing island banks run by dark-skinned natives. That is why this 10 percenter is pushing his slave gang harder, milking them for all their worth so he can eventually reach the highest tier of thievery that this global con game has to offer, the gloried 1%, the cream of the gangster crowd, the supreme environmental and economic vampire cabal. In time this hard charging lobbyist, CEO, and generally all-around swell buccaneer will have stolen enough loot, flushed just the right amount of workers into the gutter after seizing all their income, invested this perfect bundle of bills in the Wall Street casino, and done all the other despicable things incumbent upon a 10 percenter who aspires to the become a 1% elite - the most lofty of pirate ship rank.

In the meantime, keep those 'alligator tears' coming. You never know when some down-and-out sorry excuse of humanity, one of those grand 'deservers' of all that they survey will need to lament about how rough they have it. Word of warning, just hold tight to your wallet for their other hand will be reaching for it amid all that heartrending shaking and sobbing.