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Why Is Everything Unraveling?

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More opportunity evenly spread across the entire planet would do wonders in transforming this hate filled world into a peaceful ball of tranquility. Do you ever ask yourself why everything is unraveling? When oligarchs rip all prospects from the general citizenry trashing the environment in the process do we really expect any other outcome other than a societal collapse?

This is a destabilized perverted society contrived to benefit an aristocracy that feeds off of the sweat and toil of a forgotten majority. All ‘free radical’ variables are negatively affecting not only the economy, but also governments, and the environment. Literally every single interaction within this huge dynamic system called planet Earth is destabilizing. Viruses are even flourishing in this spherical greenhouse that has caught fire. Next stop a barren uninhabitable wasteland. Make no mistake – we really are falling off the cliff.

Massive instability is rippling across the world. Infinitesimal interpersonal relations are even shattering. Police officers, students, and formally very normal citizens are losing their grip on reality or worse yet going insane turning into ranting hate filled gun shooting maniacs. ISIS barbarians are an example of a mass psychosis emanating from this disrupted society. How can they rationally believe they are following the dictates of a religion by chopping off heads and killing indiscriminately? Simply put they have been infected by the dying society they are forced to live within. These sick perverted minds are now only capable of creating an alternate reality instead of accurately perceiving their environment. Unusual as it may sound, it is like they are living within a computer game of their own imagining.

All interactions are being impacted by this domino state chain reaction. There is not a living creature or natural system on this planet that is immune from the advancing chaos. Anarchy is just around the corner. Wave upon wave of disorder is crashing against convoluted wholly inadequate institutions. These are contrived subsystems of a societal paradigm rooted in economic sabotage. Founded on corruption, big-business subverts society. A corrosive acid wash leaches all income from below into the palace vaults of a few well-placed pirates. This is a societal perversion that is sunk deep in a dissolving worldwide plutocracy. Greed addicted sociopaths have triggered this mess.

Societies are similar to natural dynamic systems. They must not be tilted towards an abnormally schemed modulation that cannot maintain its equilibrium. Over time the deviant abomination flames up like an uncontrollable forest fire. Propped up by pilfered income, massive corruption, increasing inequality, and special interest proxies that replace the constituent voice of the majority of citizens the pack of voraciously greedy wolves feeds until nothing is left. The societal landscape is ultimately denuded of all honesty, respect, decency, integrity, and sanity. Not a blade of compassion remains to nurture the growth of a new more rationally devised society.

We may still have time to save this sinking ship if we act now. But we must come together in a single democratic world Earth Planetary Government outlined in previous essays. Actions taken short of this will be ineffective in halting the demise of the blue planet.