Tomorrow We Dance To Freedom

WHO Proclaims Zika Is No Threat - Corporate Dictatorship Cheers

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We can do better than just exist. The daily drudgery of going to work so that we can enrich an upper crust of elite scalpers does not constitute freedom. Why should we let the 1% parasites drag us into poverty just so they can continue to line their pockets with loot that they stash in offshore tax havens? Revolution is afoot and those of us who are tired of being the patsies for our corporate masters are more than ready to drag them feet first into a dungeon. That is of course after we have clawed back all the wealth and income they have stolen.

Labor slaves, serfs, the underclass that props up the billionaire pirate class. A chained mass of humanity denied democracy in this global Corporate Dictatorship are rising up and blasting through the walls of this Economic Apartheid. Our numbers are in the billions, those in the robber baron class amount to only a few million. Wash clean these leaches with a purple wave of freedom fighters seeking 24/7 democracy, egalitarianism, dignity, respect, and diversity where currently only authoritarian corporatism propped up by lobbyist controlled big-business friendly governments dominate.

We can do better than bowing down to our masters every whim. Dragging ourselves each day to jobs that provide no advancement opportunity or any hope of ever getting a pay raise so executives can keep receiving obscene bonuses and compensation is unacceptable. Keeping our financial heads above water, week-in and week-out knowing the street awaits those who lapse on a bill or have a medical emergency that our worthless high-deductible insurance will not cover is not a society that works for us but one that works against us - this is also unacceptable. Change is afoot. Do not be afraid to feel a searing hatred for this gamed machine culture. For it is a genuine emotion even though our parasitic handlers in the 1% bandit class would like us to cast aside all hatred regardless of the circumstance because it makes their job easier to steal the shirts off of our backs when we are smiling like a bunch of morons.

Have you ever asked yourself why work is drudgery? Obviously, many of us just do not like our occupations. Would it be fair to conclude that even if we had the career of our dreams that still had us reporting to managers, executives, and all the rest of the labor slave enablers that our hate of the workplace environment would rapidly return? Are the jobs that we engage in really that bad or are the conditions we are forced to work under the real reason we dread going to work?

Maybe, what we detest is the autocratic corporatism, the machine state that keeps us cowering before our all-powerful elite masters who legally seize the lion's share of the wealth and income that we generate through our productive efforts. Is this the deep seated hatred we keep buried, subdued, for fear if it is exposed the machine will ripe us to shreds? Twist this corruption laced knot tighter around our necks until we turn blue. That is the fantasy of every elite lord. Economic extraction on a grand scale never before contemplated or attempted by their feudal ancestors is the ultimate goal of these 1% megalomaniacs.

You have answered the root reason why so many of us hate this capitalist society. It is not that the jobs are that bad or our comrades are difficult to be around, it is the unfairness of a societal construct that allows a few to prey on the many so that they can live in castles while we scrape up enough money to pay the rent. That is why we hate even the thought of going into work because it just feels dirty, like we have soiled ourselves in a foul contaminant that just cannot be washed off. The knowledge that we are being exploited to the hilt but are trapped in a society that pampers and protects our enslavers is the worst of all tyrannies' we must relive each day. That we are forced to comply in a despotic environment that constantly proclaims how democratic it is grates at our sense of dignity and equity.

For those of us with a conscious who are not carbon copies or do not wish to become reproductions of the economic master race of corporate extractors, just knowing, having that burning awareness that we are always shoving down deeper in our subconscious the unsavoriness of our situation is unbearable. The daily reminder that our planet is dying and we are pawns of the superrich unable to change the horrible course of events without help from our fellow citizens is a throbbing pain we must endure when we are alone.

Without our comrades whom we can embrace when the struggle gets unbearable we are nothing. Our sojourn is untouched by other lost souls seeking harmony in their lives but never reaching it, silently acquiescing to the demands of an ever present societal cleanser we just become more stained salvageable slaves. Time stretches on into days, months, and years of unfilled dreams of liberty. Soaking up the chemically toxic processed foods only makes us sicker, fatter, and ready to lash out at anyone or anything connected to this abomination. Cancers in all there ugly forms explode in our population.

Obviously, having a conscious in this nightmare 'taker' society populated by upscale pirates ready to drag their neighbors into the gutter for a few jingling coins is a liability both physically and mentally. Never mind the glaring looks or unusual grimaces we must suffer from those who believe we are weirdos escaped from an asylum for the morally pure. Suffocating in a sociopaths' societal heaven where we must conform to a degenerating capitalism that always promotes the lowest common-denominator in social and economic relations is the worst kind of hell. Moral purity becomes a character flaw. Our belief that human beings should not trounce on their brothers and sisters just to gain an advantage is thought to be crazy by the capitalist haters. Still we plow forward. The salvos come, but over time we just get stronger. Better able to endure the agony.

Living in the dirt we are better able to look up and see the inner workings of this greed induced system of pillage and slavery. With so few dollars in our pockets we feel the loss of a meal, no gas for the car, or a child forced to wear shoes with holes. These and many other indignities we must face in a society orchestrated for the destruction of the many so a minority of pirates can live like sultans. We just get stronger, more resilient, ready to triumph over our oppressors with each humiliation they make us suffer through.

Capitalist vultures and their shadow government worship the almighty dollar bill. Nothing emphasizes this better than the lust they have for accumulating vast stores of wealth and income at any cost either to themselves or their fellow human beings. Lobbyist henchmen have already passed the word to their puppet legislators to keep the lid locked tight on government expenditures needed to fight the spread of the Zika virus. Just the suggestion that government money should be used to save lives instead of lining the pockets of corporations makes a casino capitalist tremble in horror. Government bodies around this robber baron ruled planet have their marching orders. They are to refuse to open up the governmental purse strings so adequate resources can start flowing to stop Zika from evolving into a global pandemic. Multinational business masters certainly would not want to lose corporate welfare payouts from world governments just so millions of bottomscrapers can be saved from a human tragedy.

Their puppets in the World Health Organization have certified that all is well - there is no need to call off the Olympic Games in Brazil. We would not want to deprive the 1% parasites of their feast of undiluted corporate welfare checks coming from their bought-and-paid-for-governments. Also, this is big-business that makes a lot of money for the superrich and their companies. Add to this all the hoopla surrounding this grand entertainment meant to keep the masses minds' from pondering their true condition. Guess the outcome. Let the games begin. The gladiators should be glistening in the sun, all oiled up and ready to compete in their nation's finery, flags flying, and national anthems blaring forth.

Calling off the games, funding mosquito eradication programs, spending liberally to find a cure so families and society are not burdened with caring for so many mentally deficient children is just out of the question. Elite marauders must never take a pay cut of billions of dollars to save future laborers that are destined anyway to become full-fledged slaves. Tiny brains do make it difficult to exercise intellect in revolts. Anyway, it would violate the 'taker' credo that "Thou shall crush thy neighbor to advance thy wealth and power."

Generally, the problem lies not with the companies, 1% elitists, lobbyists, puppet lawmakers, complacent labor slaves, economy, or any other facet of our human existence. Pervasive attitudes bereft of any morality can only originate from society. Most people are not individuals but sheep who just regurgitate back all that is shoveled in regardless of how disgusting, inhuman, or hypocritical it makes them feel. We are a product of our society.

Dogs that are continually beaten cower out of habit. They believe their masters are omnipotent beings never to be crossed. The same holds true for the human mass that grinds endlessly away in their Corporate Dictatorships. Having known nothing better, being continually bombarded with democratic platitudes, flag waving patriotism, and machine state inspired racism meant to keep us from uniting against our billionaire oppressors we just keep our heads low, mouths shut, awaiting the next blow.

Blows do come rapid-fire when you exist in capitalist totalitarianism. Step out of line. Inspire others to question their slavery. Demand democracy in the workplace. Ask why executive office parasites in Corporate Dictatorships drag piles of loot to their gated castles leaving only rotten leftovers on the floor for the 99% laborers. Do anything that disrupts the billionaire looters from economically and environmentally strip mining the entire planet and you will be left holding a rusty tin can asking for spare change on some busy street. None of us are stupid enough to believe that if we do any of these righteous things the elite mobsters will not try to pulverize us into a fine powder. Should that inhibit us from yanking our shackles out from their moorings? Being perpetually obedient only gets you a shack in some low rent district slurping down chicken noodle soup waiting for your ever dwindling Social Security check.

So why are people so docile, ready to accept their fate? The key is in the word "fate". It signifies something is preordained, beyond your control. Promoted by the religious arm of capitalist propaganda "fate" keeps all us labor slaves slavishly yielding to our economic lords every whim. For if we maintain the "faith" in an all-powerful God our "fate" in this "life" may be onerous in the service of our masters but rest assured in heaven we will have eternal bliss. Of course when you have an omnipotent God, not a bloodthirsty society run by a bunch of elite raiders controlling the show there is really not much a mere mortal can do anyway to change the course of events.

You have to hand it to the corporate thieves. With a shakedown scheme like this global economic bloodletting and a propaganda wing that turns human beings into obedient supporters of their own demise the loot ought to just keep flooding into their offshore tax havens and Swiss bank accounts.

But how long can such a contrived system dependent upon bamboozled deaf-dumb-and-blind types exist? Leaving far too little income flowing in this sham economy by not giving the majority enough wage income makes you wonder about the longevity of this societal abomination. How long before it all comes crashing down? The princes of vulture capitalism cannot possibly believe that this Frankenstein they have created is really Prince Charming. By having the financial industry turn around and lend out to us the bonanza raided by the 1% looters forcing us to replace wages with bulked up debt is insane. This is a recipe for disaster. Eventually, real wage starved bottomscrapers like us will be unable to pay the monthly bills on ever accumulating debt loads.

It is simply an unsustainable model of pilferage. Not that there were ever any sustainable examples of taking folks to the cleaners. All such distortions of natural systems that parasitically feed off of the majority so a tiny fraction of the population can reel in a bounty are nothing more than deviant scams that eventually destabilize into anarchy.

We have seen the signs of decay all around us. Department stores like JCPenny and Sears, which only a few decades ago were the mainstay of middleclass shopping hubs called malls are closing at an alarming rate. The capitalist pundits want you to believe that the reason these retailers are calling it quits is because we are all buying like crazed online zealots no longer interested in visiting brick-and-mortar outlets. Do not fall for this clever spin; all is not well in 'paradise'. These stores are closing because not enough of us are spending like fiends on all the crap we really do not need anyway. We are up to our eyeballs in debt. Unable to take on anymore monthly payments or have our existing credit card balances jump much higher. In the past we were flush with income from jobs not yet extracting all our money up to superclass bandits. We could shop till we dropped in opulent malls that had every luxury a middleclass labor slave could ever want. Now we are just one paycheck away from financial oblivion.

Clearly the actions or inactions taken by the mega-business controlled governments through their lobbyist legions indicate that they could care less about a burgeoning lower class population. If anything, we are a threat to the 1% elitists because of our greater numbers and anger at being left out in the cold. These petty dictators who have taken control of our world exercising their will through puppet shadow governments feel it is time to cull the flock. Let us die of Zika. Send others to live under bridges homeless because their jobs were 'eliminated' at mainline retailers. Better yet, have us breed like animals, a sub-human species incapable of mounting an intellectual resistance to their oppression. The perfect slaves for the absolute slave camps, those with puny brains because nothing was done to stop the spread of Zika. Once again the lowest classes suffer the most. This is because they are at higher risk of contracting the disease. Living in substandard housing in communities without adequate resources these citizens who have just had their last dime whiffed away by the billionaire outlaws can either await this next indignity or join our fight to rid this planet of these elite vampires.

All of us can change this horrible trajectory of societal decadence and human suffering! From within this capitalist society each and every one of us in the People's Movement empowers change in what we term our Fifth Column. Gradually, we are defining our own society by marginalizing the minority billionaire class - moving them into a dwindling space. Once we have shoved all of these maggots into the tiniest cubbyhole we can then push them into a dank dark dungeon - end of problem.