Tomorrow We Dance To Freedom

We Will Not Be Fodder for the Rich Pirates

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Negativity surrounding nation-states and global affairs is at an all-time high. Leaders that are more attune to responding to the needs of their big-business constituents are pained when they have to acknowledge the existence of the abused majority.

Why worry about the serfs who are expendable? If gun totting black boots blast a few lead slugs into working stiffs or any other lowlife in the bottom rungs this looters paradise just plop a pine box in a hole. Pine boxes are cheap, life is a disposable commodity – rest assured there won’t be any teary eyed mega millionaires.

Another soon to be forgotten headstone will sink into the muck of obscurity.

We’re tempted to believe that altruists invade a grieving community. Most are just establishment healers bent upon gleaning the maximum publicity from other’s tragedies. Their just another form of vulture, that is akin to their CEO income sucking parasitic cousins. Instead of financially eating us alive like the big-business thieves these hyenas come to feed upon our misery.

Despair is endemic. An onrush of ineptitude and incompetence is dissolving institutions – just more jettisoned flotsam. Why would an elite kingpin have a pocketed leader focus on any issue central to the majority of citizens? It’s far easier to jet to their big cash donors island hideouts than deal with income starved institutions. Let the serfs die in the streets. Just keep the billions of dollars flowing into Swiss bank accounts. How else are the wild party goers going to buy all the drugs, booze, and prostitutes?

Better yet, staff all levels of government with poorly paid servants. Turn up the great sucking income beast so that the corrupt system further erodes their benefits and wages. Corrupt societal systems have this way of completely vaporizing all that is decent. Formally respected institutions facing yearly wage and benefit cuts degrade into dysfunctional shells.

Over time an amoral atmosphere pervades the entire society.

Fight to maintain your relevance! Our honor and dignity demands we respond to injustices flung at us like rubber bullets.

We cannot let ourselves be sucked into this cesspool. The real enemy isn’t our neighbor but a societal system designed specifically to drain us dry, leave us fighting amongst ourselves for the rotten scraps. Anyone maintaining the status quo of this wispy mirage of liberty should be dwelt with accordingly. What cannot be condoned is killing in the name of preserving a system of deviant elite pillage.

Life is sacrosanct. No one should die drowning in their own blood. Screams shouldn’t rattle from a crying mother. Father’s will not have their sons shot down in cold blood. The line has been crossed.