Tomorrow We Dance To Freedom

We Are Already In Control

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Reason normally dictates the actions of a free citizenry. Swift gusts of wind blow a purple dust of inquisitiveness across this dysfunctional planet. Conversions from a state of intransigence to an enlightened force able to wash clean the collapsing society are occurring at a fever pitch. Faith and trust in our cause is inspiring more global citizens to join our Fifth Column.

The road to lead us out of this collapsing society lies within us – we are all a spirit of transformative change. Our seemingly insignificant actions when amalgamated together blares a shrill alarm that make others take notice. We aren’t preaching only raising an army of protesters, reporters, and infuriated activists from among our neighbors. Look around you, don’t consider for a minute that we aren’t awakening the passion and spirit in our fellow citizens. Through the activities of all of us we are nurturing the awareness of many others. Others who sleepwalked through life before our calling attention to injustices within this mega-rich scheme to install a modern feudal kingdom have awakened. They aren’t contacted by anyone they just aspire to privately become part of our Fifth Column in the solitude of their own personal soul searching.

After purging the evil from our being we are able to look over the edge into the precipice without fear. The elite societal system of mass enslavement has been exposed – the spark of enlightenment is forcing this foul beast back into its pit.

This uprising is breathtaking. It is now much more than an arousal of long buried passion. Not a day passes that if we are just a little observant we shouldn’t have any trouble discerning how the template of our society is changing for the better. Thick purple powder covers the entire surface – we are in control.

Deception practiced with skill by all the ultra-capitalist elite royalty is no longer effective because we don’t meekly swallow their poison. Their numbers are declining rapidly. Some within their group of parasitic planetary destroyers see that the tide is rapidly shifting. A few of this Masters-of-the-Universe gang smell the corpse that is the abysmal failure of their contrived society.

When billions have awakened from their stupor there isn’t a power in the universe that can stop this onrush of released emotions. After existing in an elite society chain-gang that forced us to smother our dreams and passionate fireworks is it any wonder we have buried that rotten taker-society. We’ve seen from whence the slimy leaches slithered from who held sway over our every thought. Coerced to believe what these banker thieves extracted from the pits of hell most of us were to weak separately but collectively we are unstoppable. Let these income pirates return to their molten rocks. We will no longer be threatened into becoming promoters of these miscreants.

If you still have doubts about how effective our billions of People’s Movement followers have been just consider the sway we now have over public opinion on many issues. We are already in control. This planet’s citizenry already directly influences the faltering society. The same destabilized dynamic system teetering on economic collapse. Changes will be made according to our equitable design. Crony business lobbyists had better run for the hills because if we find any in their cushy offices we will send them off to Nome, Alaska to live in Igloos. Our Inuit followers tell us the Walrus hunting is good it just takes skill that they are willing to pass on to the newcomers.

Never ever listen to those who say we have accomplished nothing. They don’t comprehend the subtleties of our Fifth Column internal overthrow. The existing systems are either dead or dying. Ideas based in decency can never be conquered by dishonesty. That is exactly what the decaying elite money grabbing society was founded upon – a corrosive elemental destruction of our better selves. No tears will be wasted. Thank the great creator it is flopping on the ground like a dying fish. We are finally in control!