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We Are All Walking Dead, Even Our Rulers

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Yesterday all the labor-slaves attended the annual "Love Our Crispy World" gala. Like years past the "Anointed-Ones" from "Transnational Corporate Central" were on hand to extol the benefits of donning the color-free all black "Model-Z Survival Suit" used when working outside the dome. Those of us inside the "Ruler Dome" could not understand why every corporate master felt obligated to attend this year's festivity. Maybe they were going to make some big announcement like the time when oil extraction doubled allowing all those with royal status to burn-through 100% more fossil fuel. Just like the planet, the economy for ivory-tower dwellers was red-hot.

The "Anointed-Ones" in the royal caste depended upon relentless consumption by the majority population to prop up their phony economy so they could continue to leach enough out of the system to buy more islands, planes, ships, and other toys. Most of the world slaved for sixteen hours a day so they could purchase their required amount of junk on endless credit - all of it never even used - just sent straight to the bottom of the ocean. The "Anointed-Ones" had a motto: "Live for the moment - burn up enjoyment from end to end". But in this gated, sealed-off society, only the 1% rulers experienced this gush of pleasure. Ninety-Nine percent of the inhabitants of our world were excluded from enjoying the fruits of their labors. Even if they could, this rabid form of consumerism was unsustainable. The proof lay outside the domes, a planet that had already died under the weight of the current and previous consumption frenzies.

Community, what little humanity we had, and the atmosphere of our once beautiful planet were long ago sent into the vacuum of space. Those of us in the 99% - the unrepresented majority who did not have lobbyists at our beck-and-call were experiencing the onslaught of an absolute tyranny by the few grabbing desperately at our throats so they could eke out each day's pillage wrung from our toil. Obedience of the many was essential to the parasites' equation of economic and environmental strip-mining in support of their insatiable urge to acquire wealth, spend frivolously, and indulge in the most obscene debaucheries. Our job, those of us in the bottom-rungs of this dead-end society, was to work feverishly, never question "The System", reproduce to replace burned-out thirty-somethings, and slop up all the propaganda that "The System" could plop in the media trough.

You just went along knowing that today or tomorrow the entire red hot wasted planet would utter a last death gurgle. Most species were already gone. Bees essential for pollination were only among a handful of creatures large and small the masters believed necessary enough to spend their orgy money on to save. That is if you called a few thousand bees existing in domed enclosures a successful act of environmental conservation.

Outside the domes, there was nothing. Not a shred of grass, ant, fly, or microbe wiggled, crawled, or flew on the 300+ degree Fahrenheit surface. Hotter than hell, maybe even hell was cooler for those of us in the work-gangs chained to our cubicles and factory slots would find out soon enough the temperature variant between the biblical and our current version of Hades. Some even theorized that with the monthly 5 degree increase in temperature we would surely exceed even the extremes of Dante's last level.

Now was not the time to fret over all "Those Details" - just work and pretend you were happy for that was how our ruler's wanted the grand facade of insanity to proceed. Making waves and questioning was a sure fire way to get your ass thrown out into the "Great Incinerator" to be crispy fried simultaneously from the inside by gamma-rays and the outside by the searing flames of a world riotously heading to oblivion. Just keep your mouth shut, work your lousy life out to its pitiful conclusion, copulate like a rabbit, eat the ground up remains of the dead, and play along with the castle idiots fantasy that all was well in their happy kingdom.

Coming to the end of the line - getting close to entering that great production-line in the sky it all seems like such a waste, a big-fat filled bowl of mush that no one ate up with gusto. It reminds me of the time my mouth was awash with not the bland ground up pulp but a piece of gristle that missed the grinder. Possibly a hardened part of muscle from the forearm of an overworked factory slave, but boy was it filled with flavor.

Color, flavor, all the senses were purposely deadened by the "Anointed-Ones", that is except the sexual desire, constantly exposed to pornography even when working turned most "Toilers" into sex fiends who did more passionate drilling than sleeping. That being the only pleasure - not so much for the gals who popped kids out like cheap rejects speeding down an assembly line - most of us just "Mounted-and-Thrusted" anywhere, like the cattle we had become.

A few months ago #7543322 dropped to the factory floor with a thud. Usually the "Refuge Extractors" immediately scrape the dead or dying right up into their steel arms crushing bones and internal organs. This time the "RG" did not show up to dispose of the organic garbage. No annoying screams would come from this still living "Wastage". We all missed out on the gore oozing from the blood-dripping body rising over the metallic head of the "RG" as it dropped its catch into the huge vinegar filled bin these monsters dragged along behind their mechanical bodies. Our shift had ended just when the "RG" went on the fritz.

Gathering my dirty lunch rag encrusted with years of slime wiped from my mouth and more than ready to escape for an hour of grinding that damned "Goner" motioned to me. He wanted me to come closer. Getting down on my knees positioning an ear near his gurgling spittle covered lips at first there was this sound like the rushing of air coming out of a balloon then my ears made out: "We are all walking dead, even our rulers." No one ever uttered the obvious - except for this "Goner". Maybe that was why the "RGs" swiftly came out of there holes to clean up the "Goners" who became just more "Wastage" on a planet pilfered away by rotten 1% capitalist pigs - for the powerful never want those who they rule over with impunity to start asking questions - like why they must exist only to serve others.