Tomorrow We Dance To Freedom

Vigilance Is Essential

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Daylight is close at hand although it seems hours away in this still hour of the night. Most folks sleep peacefully or fret over their personal calamities. No knock is heard on the door tonight but precious moments remain. All the political machinations spill silently, relentlessly over the precipice into the cesspool of deception.

Be careful not to fall into the trap of complacency, a viscous elation of a perceived inevitably. Death is inevitable, pure unadulterated freedom is not. Vigilance is essential especially in the rarefied atmosphere following a successful revolution. Remember rats are creatures of the night; they scurry about in search of edible morsels - if the cupboard is left open this vermin will clean you out leaving only a few crumbs.

Proceed carefully, slowly, with exacting calculation not allowing your elation to rule your better judgment. Passion is exhilarating. Are you light-headed; surely you could perform supernatural feats?

Reality is a cruel master, morning breaks over the deserts, mountains, plains, and oceans - the day's outcome is never assured! Subversion, counter-revolution is always a real possibility. Freedom is a treasure that must be guarded or it will be stolen before it has ripened. Distraction, lack of focus, is the enemy of the day after.

Foreign powers with vested interests will entangle the new leadership in a re-factored web of corruption that will choke-off any fledgling democracy. Do not engage any country whose allegiances are still chained to global corporatism. The mega-corporations that maintain absolute control over these foreign governments will only want to cut a fresh deal with the current leaders of the virgin nation. Capturing this succulent free-range wild-thing, this newly born nation before freedom can take root would guarantee the unabated pillaged of the sleeping citizens. The flames of hell would burn brighter, scalding this errant nation back into submission.

So be wary of shifty-eyed salesmen promising riches beyond comprehension, smooth sailing, bliss, unearned success, and treasure, all for the low price of stifling your nation's grind towards democracy. These thieves will quickly re-capture your country, in a flash you'll be ensnared in the original web of global 'bankocracy', and mega-corporatism that meant tyranny for so many, for so long.

Elation is temporary; it passes, being replaced by the day-to-day necessities of living. Euphoria is a wonderful reward afforded a citizenry that has successfully broken its leash of despotism; just don't let slippage set-in permanently. Beware; the after-fire of triumph can cloud your judgment. The path to democracy is littered with false starts when infallibility is assumed to be preordained.