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U.S. Separation of Powers - Undermined

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Only the skeletal remains of the U.S. separation of powers - the independence of the Congress, the Executive, and the Judiciary are left standing with rotting pieces of meat pasted to otherwise white-striped bones. Disintegrating slowly in the acid of corruption, these bones of our dead democracy are shrouded from the light by a business shadow government - a cabal that has undermined indiscriminately all its branches.

Let it be a political testament to the stalwart dehumanizing characters of those who belong to the club of elite exploiters that they vociferously deny they are violating the civil rights and civil liberties of a single citizen. Their polemics is always delivered in a condescending almost taunting attitude of superiority that implies those outside their chosen circle of elite sociopaths are inferiors who'd do best to accept their place.

In other words, if these anointed elites have determined it is in our best interest to sink our respective branches of government in an acid of corruption stirred by lobbyist alchemists then we should rejoice, sing capitalist hymns, and shout 'inspiring' corporate dogma from the highest mountains.

Within a historically short span of time distinctly unique global societies have been collectivized into this single dehumanizing societal construct that is firmly rooted in an implied doctrine of business supremacy. The implication of this unspoken doctrine is that the corporation reigns supreme over all else; the majority of global citizens are merely inferiors in the grand illusion concocted by our moneyed masters.

Therefore, while the lords of greed gobble up the earth's natural resources, feed the voracious appetites of their super-duper bankers with taxpayer looted cash, and destroy (in the U.S.) the autonomy of our separate branches of government those of us who reside in the 'inferior' majority are expected to remain passively disinterested. We're expected to remain the docile, complacent worker droids we've always been while our far 'superior' Masters-of-the-Universe constitutes a global business police state that will have no borders.

Meanwhile, the global nation-states directed by this business cabal enact legislation preserves and entrenches this notion of business superiority - the undisputed preferential treatment of businesses juxtaposed against the inferior citizenry - the mere individual.

So ultimately, what are enshrined are the interests of big business over the rapidly sinking interests of global citizens viewed as nothing more than labor inputs - future slaves to be ground down in corporate labor gulags.

There should be no 'blue sky' euphoria surrounding our future. For if we don't immediately rise up against this insidious oppressor that has no qualms about enslaving us within their ubiquitous authoritarian state - the only future we'll find ourselves living will be a hell on earth.