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U.S. and Global Economy Dead On Arrival

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With all the economic recovery talk coming from eminently disqualified experts, crony capitalist politicians, and talking-head media types you'd think the manufacturing unemployed wasteland that is the U.S. economy was humming along.

Reality check - after visiting boarded-up real-town America in Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, North Carolina, and parts of Virginia I'm here to say that folks selling their dirty mattresses, clothes, and other belongings along the roadside in the shadow of crumbling empty town shells view these elitists as out-of-touch fools.

Question - how the hell is our economic condition temporary yet alone reversible without substantial structural changes that eliminate or make irrelevant low-wage labor sinkholes?

In a global economy that focuses upon least-cost resources why would any semi-conscious business executive open a factory or employ workers in any industry even a high-technology office park when comparable least-cost low-wage workers can be sourced in places like India, China, Africa, and even Russia.

Let me reiterate for the morons that live-and-breath the rarified air of illusory economic models. The core of the United States is rotten; it's been rotting since 1974. The housing 'bubble' or any other 'bubble' is irrelevant. Most of these aberrations are symptoms of our current 2nd Great Depression not underlying causes of economic instability.

When easy credit proffered by pseudo-science blinded incompetents became the standard currency that replaced fair wages - the counterfeit economy was born.

Average workers spectacular productivity increases paid for over-the-top kingly castles; perks, compensation packages, and ocean-liner sized yachts for well-positioned crony super executives. The paltry income that remained, thrown down from the castle walls, insured the demise of the poorly maintained global economic engine; it sputtered along until it finally seized up.

The lobbyist-bound elitists were dumbfounded (at least that's how the media-parrots portrayed it) when their income starving surfs attempted to maintain an accustomed standard of living. With little in the way of income making its way to ever-smaller paychecks why was it hard to fathom that 'company store/bank' bound worker-surfs with no future wouldn't take their credit candy and run for the hills - was this really irrational behavior?

What the anointed politicians, professors, and lobbyist dependent crony capitalists have forgotten is that without sufficient wage income, and decent paying jobs, the economic-milking of the majority; this enriching of a few royalist Ponzi schemer's at the expense of the general citizenry only speeds along the eventual downfall of the entire contrivance. Let me be clear, the root of the problem lies with insufficient income reaching the vast majority of the world's population.

In the U.S. where laborers continue to be axed in the face of unabated monthly revenue declines reflective of the lack of customers at the door, no amount of 'stimulus' spending will stop the slide towards the economic abyss.

Only a sustainable pure-capitalist economy that isn't seeping with government perks and favors flowing to the best-represented lobbyist infused mega-corporations can arrest the global economic slide. For we're not dealing with a temporary downturn but a structurally permanent dislocation, a contrivance by a few well positioned elites to maintain absolute power & wealth by milking the global community of all its resources.

It is therefore imperative that governments be reduced to their most basic functions, lean in their mandates so that they don't attract the attention of special interests, that term-limits be enacted for all elected politicians, and that we eliminate all artificial barriers to the free-flow of global labor, trade, and capital. We must vanquish the global fraternity of incompetents; a rational pure-capitalist framework grounded in direct constituent representation should replace these power hungry goons and their favor rich crony-capitalist scheme.