Tomorrow We Dance To Freedom

Uprooting Planetary Aristocracy Requires a Cultural Tidal Wave

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Slipping into the searing white light the shimmering shapes blended with the energy. Negating the reasonable these “Adjusters” had decided that the only course of action was the least used. Improbable outcomes are infrequent in a universe that is monotonously predictable. Rarely are planets so utterly confused, deluded, manipulated, tribal, and unhappy. In this particular case the aristocracy has burrowed deeper into its obfuscating societal layers shutting out all discourse with those who are perceived to have originated from the lower rungs of the socio-economic ladder making a smooth transformation untenable.

Message bombardment, a debunking campaign aimed at isolating the powerful elites is illuminating the truth. Our Fifth Column of societal provocateurs is engaging human minds to travel virgin neural pathways. This is so essential but positive outcomes have been inconsequential. At this rate the spark that is typical at this juncture in the state transform that energizes a majority to actively participate in the wave amplification just is not present. By no means should those who have been involved in our purple infusion feel neglected or dejected. Progress is being made but in fits and starts. A more dramatic cultural tidal wave is now required.

We must now shift our efforts into high gear.

Protests with measurably significant numbers of individuals highlighting a broad spectrum of societal injustices should simultaneously untether big-business elite rule from this planet’s power base. Continuing our Fifth Column’s flood of truth that exposes the elite chimeras will undoubtedly shake the foundations of influence and clog the channels of coercion that the feudal lords of this blue planet faithfully employ. This central action will not subside. We are only suggesting that ratcheting up the pressure by having millions hit the streets to stimulate the multiplicative energies required to quickly build the necessary state shift at this crucial stage will cumulatively contribute to the progressive cultural transformation.

Technologies far more advanced will also make all the toys of the tiny fiefdoms impotent. Washing all imaginary borders from this sphere must take place before the environment is permanently destroyed and the majority of sentient beings are enslaved. If the utterly negative outcome were to transpire more drastic direct interference in the societal underpinnings of this world would be required. Universal suffrage on a planetary scale is the only outcome we will accept. There is no middle ground, this is nonnegotiable. Being part of a larger family of free citizens is only successful on a global scale.