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Unwinding of Corporate Authoritarianism

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Get me through the next few months unscathed by the unwinding of corporate authoritarianism. The beast is thrashing about, choking on its worthless dirty money. Love, compassion, happiness, and decency are patiently waiting on the perimeter of the pit for the monstrosity to die.

How did the monster ever figure it could aspire to the pinnacle of power on the backs of the very slaves it depends upon for its feeding? All this talk of a 'corporate led recovery', "we weren't prepared for a deep ocean oil gusher in the Gulf of Mexico", and "European austerity programs to reduce the debt of their respective governments" are the fearful ranting coming from incompetent elite sociopaths. The general unwinding of a dysfunctional global tyranny is in full swing.

Corporations are now arrogant enough to believe they can divorce themselves from the slavish majority who must have adequate wage income before they will buy. The chorus grows louder still: "the corporate led recovery is propelling this recovery" - it is deafening.

A few quarters ago when the laser focus of investors was directed at plummeting corporate revenue the dogma inspired executive incompetents decided they'd better shore up the top line by increasing sales through per unit margin cuts. It's far better to practically give your product away (cumulative effect - deflation) than to have it sit on the shelves.

But they also 'reasoned' that since their management indoctrination always highlighted the 'benefits' of cost cutting they'd continue to slash operating expenses to the bone, and why not when this can make your bottom line figure look better. So yes, these idiots are playing a 'leading role' in a corporate recovery but it is an illusion.

Don't worry; all troubles are averted through adequate 'preparation' especially deep-sea oil fountains. A little sprinkling of preparation goes a long way towards avoiding the nastiest of "nasty's". What ever happened to not engaging in activities that are detrimental to the wellbeing of your neighbors and corporation in the first place? Why even engage in activates that you know to be wrong - ever hear of negative outcomes? Ah yes, money, cash, short-term piles of loot - that's what drives this dysfunctional global tyranny of corporatism.

Now the masters of the universe, those slavishly faithful true believers of the pirate island philosophy of government have instructed their bought-out governments to pillage the taxpayers of the European countries. In their twisted worldview it's better to keep the palace well stocked with booty than to do without. So, what does a princely master of the universe do when government tax revenues are unsupportable by a citizenry that has seen its wages already drained by his/her corporations? By golly, you've got it; that's right, they instruct their government puppets to increase the taxes (cutting services - leaving tax rates unchanged - same effect) of the taxpayers, but they make it perfectly clear that taxing the castle dwellers is off limits!

Down, down, down we go to the undersea world of oily darkness.