Tomorrow We Dance To Freedom

Uniting the Planet Is the Central Purpose of The People's Movement

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Freeing our People’s Movement in the United States from the morass that is a racially charged atmosphere must be our principal short-term objective. This planetary awakening of the citizen consciousness never capriciously differentiated between skin color, sexual orientation, religious affiliation, cultural proclivities, or any other individual societal characteristic. We have always been focused upon the human, labor, and civil rights of the collective of all global citizens without regard to who we were directing our messages too other than that they were human beings desirous of meaningful change.

Police officers, members of the various nation-state militaries, all of us deserve respect until it has been determined that our individual actions have violated the inalienable rights of our fellow planetary citizens. Selectively plopping sentient-beings into hated groups based simply upon whether they wear a uniform does nothing to disentangle the atmosphere of evil that pervades this blue planet. If it has been found that this or that individual has committed crimes against humanity then we can take action to bring this follower of the devil to justice. We must never become the monster we are trying to cage.

Join hands with all your brothers and sisters across this water world.

Creating an equitable single planetary democratic government that respects the rights of every individual regardless of socio-economic class or any other differentiating characteristic can only be achieved when we are amicably united. Even the elite feudal rulers of this planet deserve to face a trial of their peers with all the rights accorded an accused in a pure democracy not unduly influenced by any powerful vested interest. None of us should ever presume that we are the sole intermediaries in dispensing justice. A powerful leader able to call up a military force that could crush entire civilizations must also follow the finely crafted laws of the democratic state; the will of the people is sacrosanct. So do not presume you have the right to harm another. Only dictators, despots, and those who have no moral foundation acting within nation-states where the people have no voice would exercise power arbitrarily. These are the fiends we will vanquish.

Granted, if you are attacked or face imminent harm from those who enforce the edicts of a police state or other such totalitarian regime then it is within your right to defend yourself. Essentially, the tactics used by the ruling elite in enforcing laws that are clear violations of your human, labor, and other inalienable rights determines our counter response. But typically we should refrain from violence. Only when brutally attacked or provoked should we resort to violent means. This is a last resort response to an aggressively brutal regime that fires live rounds into peaceful protestors or kicks in the doors of sleeping citizens to take them away to torture chambers in the dead of night. In situations like these we should feel unbounded in our response to eradicate this ultimate evil.

All of us must get back to our central purpose – uniting our planet.