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Unemployed in Cheap Labor Hades

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Words, words, words, and more words drifting off into our assured economic oblivion - no tangible steps are ever taken to empower the 'castaways', the disenfranchised.

What is it we're trying to accomplish? Will we all be satisfied to have our televisions blare out a continuous stream of mind-altering mush? Why do we allow our body-snatched legislators to make sweeping promises only to drop us a worm eaten potato? Why should we have such low expectations, of never experiencing happiness?

My recent unemployment (February 2010) along with so many others in my ravaged country was the direct result of NOT poor performance (managements slanderous accusations) but a dysfunctional capitalist global cabal that assists multi-national corporations in their 'harvesting' of that next cheapest labor slave.

Companies like Ness Technologies fly in Indian cheap labor slaves in such numbers that some firms notably my former employer (also a recipient of U.S. federal & state taxpayer funds) had only a token U.S. workforce that was further decimated over my two years and seven months at this worksite.

Crazed globalization zealots wielding razor sharp knives engage in a form of labor culling. They chop up workers in the millions, shoving them into labor oblivion to become the hamburger flippers, the menial servants - second-class citizens with no rights or property in their business police states.

What these dogma spouting corporate tyrants are engaged in is a razing, a gutting our communities, a hollowing out of their 'innards', leaving behind empty rotten shells.

What every citizen across this tortured, corrupt, blighted globe is facing is the extinction of a self-sustaining decent fulfilling way of life. When mega corporations like my former employer seek out cheap labor automatons they attack; they crusade pillaging with a vengeance - they vanquish all moral norms, crush all opposition, ride their bought out governments like the crazed sociopaths they've are, and they greedily pulverize any average citizens who get in their way with their freshly shined black boots.

These business blobs lurch along helped by their 21st Century Corps of ultra-capitalist Jesuits (in the tradition of the Spanish Inquisition) who setup labor gulags in cheap labor countries like India and China.

So not only do the workers, their families, and their communities feel the sharp switch blade of job losses to cheaper labor slaves brought into their country to replace them but their also fired upon by telecommuting cheap labor slaves working in these foreign corporate labor camps.

Do our governments give a damn about the indigenous workers (that's us) - their fellow citizens - their constituents? You must be kidding!

A week or so before my cheap labor replacement was being 'harvested' either for slave plane transfer or home country gulag services my illustrious Congressman for my district visited my worksite.

Did he notice that the majority of labor slaves toiling for my master company were wearing temporary Ness badges? Maybe his vision was just a tad bit blurry when he was strutting down the main isle - my fellow Indian comrades are noticeably people of color? Hell, he must have been deaf, dumb, and blind not to hear a decidedly different language wafting up from a good many cubicles.

Ah, you know how easily we forget! This congressman's pockets must have been overflowing with cash from lobbyists who demanded he be a good little politician or else he'd lose not only the cash but also the perks that come with being an obedient servant of global CorpGov.