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Ultra-Capitalism's Bureaucratic Inertia and Shortsightedness Assures its Failure

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Stagnation the ever-present scourge of a planet squeezed by the oligarchic power block that dominates the society is a direct outgrowth of the bureaucratic inertia that invades colossal organizations. Oligarchic and monopolistic ultra-capitalism destroys incentive that is crucial to a vibrant democratic capitalism. Originality is dead. The creative sparks that originate from unconstrained individuals never ignite in the musty environment of gigantic international organizations. Overarching business systems demand responses from degraded laborers who conform to the corporate culture but anything other than the status quo is unacceptable. These organizations have merged from a bifurcated public and private sector to become this overarching dysfunctional planetary culture driven by short-term self-destructive tendencies exacerbated by this new evolving feudal order.

Dynamic unbounded thought, the exceptionally brilliant characteristics engendered by truly creative people are never allowed to blossom within a confident firm that controls all the outcomes. Transformational growth, the reduction of negative externalities, and any divergent paths that may maximize the public good are typically ignored if they do not also augment the firm’s profitability. This highlights a conflict of interest between what might be good for an elite core of superrich who are the direct beneficiaries of worldwide plutocracy and the rest of us in the bottom rungs of the socio-economic swamp. The maximization of private profit promoted by governmental business socialism may increase the number of poorly paid jobs but does not equate to the maximization of the public good. Far too many negative externalities are generated by the propping up of dysfunctional gigantic international businesses.

With our planetary governments in lockstep to the demands of their mega-business masters following the edicts of the lobbyist interlopers, the real constituents, we can be assured that global warming, pollution, labor rights, and individual freedom will worsen until the type of action precipitated will be either reactionary or revolutionary.

That is why our People’s Movement a global awakening of underclass wage slaves protests and infuses our citizen dynamism into society through our Fifth Column. We must dislodge the intransigent greed focused megalomaniacs that have hijacked our planet. The path that we are dragged down by the simple-minded moneychangers is not congruent to raising our standard of living and quality of life. All we will find along the way are signposts that warn of impending disaster.

Our planet is dying from jewel encrusted dagger thrusts by monopolists and oligarchs. In the name of enhancing their power and increasing their income inflows it is a pillage that is historically unparalleled. Excessive resource extraction in the form of deforestation threatens entire regions with desertification. Overfishing destroys entire ecosystems leaving only barren expanses of ocean devoid of life.

The ultra-capitalism preached by the prophets of addictive gluttony has no place in a universally constructive society. All these pirates envision is the short-term rape of all planetary income and resources for their own personal benefit and aggrandizement. They have not the faintest conception of what it means to be cooperatively engaged in society. Pillagers, thieves of our future the aristocratic crown princes that rule within alternate reality based towers of steel care not for the single mother slaving at three jobs just to make ends meet or the day-to-day worker who has not seen a decent wage increase in years. All these sociopaths give a damn about is how much wealth they can amass in the shortest span of time. It is all a chess game played up high with ours and our children’s lives on the line.

Once viewed by the great economists as a bifurcated societal structure that was comprised of the public and private sectors is now a fused refactored form of planetary feudalism. Always endeared to the corporate ethos the governmental sphere is now the happy bedfellow of their business patrons. Unable to keep this dysfunctional mess from careening into the abys from lack of adequate income flows that have been dammed up top by the elite royals, governments through their central banks and policies now have the tax supported income spigot wide open so that the superrich can continue to stuff their Swiss accounts with societal pilfered loot. But it is only a matter of time before this problem plagued monstrosity dissolves into anarchy.

We need to stay focused upon the long-term. Building a single blue-planet democratic government that enshrines labor rights and is constantly fixated upon advancing the public good over the short term greed addicted interests of the few. That is what we are fighting for in the streets of every nation-state capital. This is the bright future that we want to bestow upon our children that drives us to sacrifice our personal interests to the greater good when we disrupt the status quo through our Fifth Column efforts. By destabilizing the very foundation of this already sick cultural abomination called ultra-capitalism we hasten its eventual end. It is not a pure capitalism that requires unconditional liberty but a dysfunctional societal framework no less destructive than the old style feudalism it was supposed to replace.

Granted, we do not have manors with rulers that collected serfs like we accumulate debt. The system of oppression that we are forced to confront is less conspicuous but not any less dangerous in its desire to enslave.