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Fed's $76.9 Billion 'Profit'? - U.S. Gave $13.3 Trillion to Banksters

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The Wall Street Journal reported on January 10, 2012 that the Federal Reserve made a profit on the "portfolio of securities" coming close to breaking a 2010 record. Question, how do you classify any organization even a bloated crony capitalist den of thieves making a profit when the whole U.S. 1% elite controlled government spent $13.3 trillion of taxpayer money on assorted bailouts to insurance, credit card, and banking companies?

Maybe this is just a juicy chunk of propaganda floated just in time for the presidential elections to prop up that other protector of 'underserved' corporate gangsters - the Democratic handmaiden of banksters - President Barak Obama.

Yep, all the '99 Percenters' are breaking out the whiskey right about now in saloons across this economically blighted country soaking their troubles among friends; though their probably not talking about the Fed's good fortune. Maybe they've just been replaced by some dirt cheap foreign worker, been told that their blog post offended the 'higher-ups' and therefore have been escorted to the door. More than likely, their just having trouble 'making-ends-meet' given that their real wages keep sliding down the chute. But rest assured they don't give a hoot about how much the thieves in Washington, D.C. made on their $13.3 trillion dollar investment.

By the way what comprised our, that is the peoples investment; all that cash carted away that would have been better utilized on saving average folk from ruination.

Here's the breakdown once more or more precisely the low-down.

All our 'bankster' friends, the friends of lobbyists, the chums of the 1% elite executives, super investors, and swine who feed at the government trough gorged upon government programs like TARP, Fed's - TALF, loans to back their worthless mortgage-backed assets, TGLP, and the bailout of AIG. The list of extravagance in this time of "99 Percent" income starvation is obscene.

What can a lowly "99 Percenter" do - how about boycott the presidential primaries and the inevitable election? Just because the palace has chosen its prospective caretaker candidates for the next four years doesn't mean we have to lend credibility to the tainted process.

Its high-time those of us relegated to an existence of fighting for the scraps thrown from the king's table spoke up and took a stand. Now's a good time to start!