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U.S. Democracy Is Not Founded Upon Loyalty to the Democratic and Republican Parties

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Democracy is not founded upon two parties. There is nothing sacred about being either a Democrat or Republican. So why is it we continue to allow these scoundrels to lead us down the path of broken promises and faded dreams? These two parties are nothing more than a phony point counterpoint. The American citizens rally behind this illusion dichotomy. In reality there is no strong underlying philosophical difference between the parties. They are both overwhelmingly funded by the elite royalty that they unswervingly support.

If we were to allow these worn out deadweights to dissolve our liberty would still be intact. In fact, principal liberties would be resurrected from the special interest ruins. Freedom is not incumbent upon maintaining these political parties. Our People’s Movement does not revolve around fictitious creations of wealthy power brokers. We have no need to confuse democracy with allegiance to any particular party. Analogous to idol worship that transfers concentrated intellectual dialog from the foundational underpinnings of a societal entity to a meaningless figurine political parties have become more important than the nation-state democratic principles. They are distractions that the plutocrats enshrine with epic qualities. We are led to believe these political clubs can never be easily replaced. In reality they are nothing more than slayers of pure democratic ideals.

Why do you think the ultra-rich elite royalty go to great lengths to enhance the myth of the eternal two-party system? It’s simple; these lords of the corrupt realm have invested heavily in these slush fund conduits. The legislative pecking order is divided between the most senior career politicians from both parties. Able to push through laws that favor big business and other elite campaign financiers the upper echelon lobbyist-snatched lawmakers bring home the bacon for their fat cat constituents. Using their accumulated party prestige the senior policymakers have the political leverage needed to intimidate lower ranked legislators into following the party line. No deviation from the propping up of the oligarchic state is tolerated by the party leadership.

Revolutionary change that benefits the citizens of the United States will only happen when we destroy this two-party big-money parasite that is sucking the life’s blood from our democracy.