Tomorrow We Dance To Freedom

Tyrants All - Conjoined to Evil

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Their emerging from every hole, swarming like locust; devouring, devastating, loudly buzzing, and flapping dingy soiled wings - break out the insecticide. These are the elite super thieves - Wall Street banker's and their friends, lobbyist pets, grand manipulators, tyrants who crush dreams, Ivy League squash brains who blindly follow doctrine, trickster politicians, CEO's who arrogantly smile at the tragedy of those they kick aside, lobbyist vermin raking in millions of dollars to insure average citizens get pennies, and all the other locust greedily feeding - ravaging, only leaving us a crumb to fight over.

Watch your feet; these aren't your run of the mill locust they'll chew you through and through. If you're lucky enough to be spared - rest assured you'll be left with nothing - they'll take it all, including what little freedom you've got left.

"Please hand me that rag so I can wipe the sweat from my brow; you know I've been working so hard lately. Next time, could you please shake off the locusts before you hand it over? Oh, never mind, it's all full of holes - just can't leave anything lying around anymore."

"Quiet please! We mustn't speak or we won't be able to hear about the paltry $1.5 billion in mortgage assistance that the U.S. President has saved from the banker's parties, bonuses, and padded balance sheets."

"Didn't those fat locusts hanging near that dung pile, the one's struggling to keep their corpulent bodies in flight - you know the bankers - didn't they raid the U.S. Treasury to the tune of over a trillion dollars?"

"Almost forgot, these filthy rich sultans of finance did pass around a plate in their respective corporate palaces right after they'd received this king's ransom from the taxpayers. Hell, they felt obligated to give alms to the poor citizens crawling on their bellies down in the valley."


"Yes, I see that rickety canoe coming across the pond. That poor soul must be from the U.K. for his clothes are more threadbare than ours. I've heard their locust problem is far more severe."

"Hello comrade, what's this we're hearing about you're gulag masters transforming the message of the Labor Party into a tastier propaganda treat?"

"Yeah bloat, our locusts sound a tad bit different from yours but they still leave us empty handed. Our businesses haven't stopped throwing workers down the chute, haven't called back their legions of lobbyists, haven't stopped scouring the globe for ever cheaper workers, and haven't stopped digging deeper into our pockets for tax money they know we can't and won't spend on their faulty products. You know the old saying if you can't get it from one hand try the other."

In the meantime, another downtrodden soul had joined the small group of the dispossessed.

"Comrade, where is your home?"

"I'm from Iran the land of religious tyrants."

"I've been listening to you fellows and have determined that we all have a unique set of problems but they all stem from a single progenitor - evil that is shrouded behind a multitude of disguises."

"We're all being forced into a reality that we never wanted to accept; but now must, because the lies, corruption, deception, and deceit perpetrated by our governments & businesses (conjoined as a single entity) have become so blatantly obvious - so conspicuous, to the point of absurdity."

"But more importantly, we're no longer able to graciously withstand their attacks - their frontal assaults aimed at transforming every global citizen into beasts of burden that they ride at their pleasure."

These citizens and billions more who'd come from the four corners of the globe resolved to fight, to rally their people into joining a united force that would ultimately emancipate every citizen from their disconnected tyrannical business/governments.

They were painfully aware that freedom from tyranny in whatever form it takes is never the easy comfortable route - it is a dangerous, sorrowful, and hellish course taken over a boulder-strewn desert.

Past the desert, far off in the distance is our destination - a global government or a set of governments resting peacefully in the tranquil 'waters' of passion, beauty, decency, love, respect, and freedom. These are governments that are answerable to the general citizenry not a powerful few elite masters.

It's a quiet, reflective land where the power hungry few are restrained by the desires, dreams, and aspirations of the many.

This is a land past the societal killing fields of shackled labor servitude, government/business cronyism, and the repulsive brute force of extremism. It's a place where happiness isn't rationed and passions are allowed a natural free expression not repressed by narrow-minded business zealots hell-bent upon turning human beings into labor robots.