Tomorrow We Dance To Freedom

Tyranny Yawns at Daybreak

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Another day dawns on this bought and sold planetary dungeon called Earth - yet another morning shining with fiery promise to screw all the little people of the planet. All the agents of evil, promoters of deceit, blue veined business carnivores, legislative puppets, and king's court of sociopath Inquisitors are primed to tear us to pieces.

Out on the glistening black surface of the Gulf of Mexico Sea Gulls are gliding down for their last morning rest on a witch's brew of chemical dispersants and oily syrup. The blood red sky refracts sunlight through layers of toxic gases in the sealed gas chamber.

A legion of lawyers and lobbyists ready the minefields of corruption to inflict maximum casualties. The hired stagecoach thieves of mega corporations like Well Fargone are busy working the phones contacting their government lackeys.

Raising his bloated head from his silk pillow a tyrant in a foreign land rests his hand on the silky skin of a perfectly carved concubine. Belching gases from last night's dinner party held in honor of his favorite instruments of terror this business installed Prime Minister is ready for another day.

Cursing the cold morning air a homeless family stuffed into a beat up car awakens to numb limbs and empty stomachs. In the land of promises they've been left for dead.

Smoke twirls towards a callous heaven on this morning of marching black boots. Not more than a mile from freedom fighters their tyrant has decided that the best cure for a sour tummy is a morning fuck of that luscious soft skinned peasant girl.

Readying the barricades for another onslaught of solders a citizen removes a dead comrade as tears fall from his eyes. He looks up towards the rising sun with a steely determination.

Arrest our fall

Cleanse our pain

Invigorate our resolve

Arm our warrior's with honor, clarity, and decency