Tomorrow We Dance To Freedom

Twisted Capitalist Religion Is Vanquished

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Grounding on this barren shore hadn't been the aspirations of the many who were led to believe in the infallibility of the ever so fallible sociopaths ruining our world.

There are single mothers a single paycheck away from financial ruin, workers who held down jobs paying decent wages before their factories were shuddered, the unemployed & underemployed unfurling ratty tent homes before nightfall, terminally ill patients forced into financial ruin, laborers whose real wages are tumbling, and human beings forced to work in conditions approximating that of Soviet era labor gulags.

Flashes of light gyrated, getting off on spectrums that produced twisted erupting colors lubricated in their slide across the horizon. Was this the expectation, the buildup of passionate release, a flag planted firmly in the fertile soil of rebellion that would pulsate until it burst forth spasmodically? On this barren shore over the crest of the sand dunes these flashes of promise continued to beckon those who had irreconcilable differences with their devious corrupted governments.

So why should we endure the insufferable?

Jettison your inhibitions and experience the juicy aspirations and desires of someone courageous in reaching for happiness. Circumscribed dreams are painted by the global business/government feudalism in its attempt to enforce institutionalized inferiority in all but a chosen few specially selected of the anointed Intelligentsia, corrupt politicians, and elites.

Degenerative isolation is all that the capitalist religion can guarantee. We're dragged into a regurgitated institutionalized union with their diseased pulsating dogma that is both poisonous to soul and society.

Give me a hard driving rain on a summer afternoon, a colorful sunset, and a long walk on a wide-open road with a clear view of the horizon up ahead - the killing of our passionate humanity we should never accept! A freely expressed unencumbered life is the happiness we should all seek.

Moving in unison we'll accept our uniqueness; rising up from the shallows of limpid obscurity all of us can be bonded in a communion that will enshrine our individuality, our pure freedom - this is the divine force that will deliver us from their self-serving world.

Give me this day to feel what I'm incapable of experiencing to the furthest depths, but more importantly help me transform the intolerant, the hateful, the merciless, and all those who'd use their power to enslave their brothers and sisters for their own personal gain - please give me the strength to create good from bad.

The rainbow of colors was bursting forth in all directions when we reached out towards them with outstretched hands - the barren beaches we'd left behind were now forgotten.