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Truth is Apolitical

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Our lives inside the People’s Movement would be bearable if we aligned ourselves with one of the major political parties. Being accused of breaking convention in the written word and also programming it is so very hard to channel thoughts from this creative mind down a barbed wire lined path. But pleasant acquiescence is tempting. Just caving in to the demands of either the liberal or conservative side would guarantee a whole cadre of former or new friends. Carefully regulating free speech so that it conformed to the accepted dogma of either camp’s gospel like a prescribed process of all-knowing ‘experts’ is definitely the way to go in a society that values stasis. Do you value diversity of opinion or stale platitudes?

There must be a reason why some of us always question. It’s hard to quantify all the grief us freestyle painters have endured at the hands of the paint-by-numbers crowd. Since the template adherents are more numerous we are daily threatened with extinction. Politically, our ideas are better aligned with those espoused by the Democratic Party. Not too long ago this writer was deeply involved in the Democratic Party especially writing in support of then candidate Barack Obama. Those were the days. Clearly delineated lines guided all inquiry. Now only soiled shades of uncertainty move us imperceptivity towards a more equitable future.

It rips my guts clean out every time my words sting Barack. The problem is truth is apolitical.

Back to the unsentimental task of politics that negates friendships in the toxic waste of power. Maybe we could have blazed a path across the sky. Values always seem to get in the way. Defined by honor we are searching for better options. Promises must never be broken. Pure politics is utterly filthy. We can do better. Both political parties are sunk deep in the muck of dishonesty.

Stay the course. Our People’s Movement Fifth Column is vaporizing deceitfulness. We are well on our way towards uniting the entire planet under a single government.