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Trump and The Establishment Are the Enemies of the General Population

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This world is characterized by a common theme of oppressor and oppressed, exploiter and exploited, a general tenor of uncivilized disrespect directed at the general population by a tiny economically and politically powerful upper class. An unbroken chain of autocracy extends all the way back to pre-human primate progenitors.

Nothing has changed over the many thousands of years. Humans have eerily been impelled to promote a string of strongmen with a few strongwomen thrown in for special seasoning to rule over them in authoritarian regimes. Our early ancestors, organized in small groups, clans dominated by alpha males, were the first to obey a dominant figure. They were unwitting carriers of a genetic mutation that left them crawling on all fours, striving to be good unquestioning valley dwellers, the original progenitors to the easily looted 'acceptors' that would let megalomaniacs with their own genetic flaw rise to be autocratic rulers of a hierarchically organized humanity. Eventually, from the kings, queens, and assorted other oppressor idols the organizational template evolved. Improvements in absolute control gave us the civic and business entities that are culturally similar to the primate pack with their slavish followers unable to break the instinctual imperative to cleave to absolute rule.

With time being the prime ingredient for genetic mutational species variation the human genome may well be irreparably contaminated with a "hardwired" tendency to embrace absolutism and varying degrees of autocracy organized in a tiered control oriented societal structure. If this is the case, any proposals and actions focused on replacing exploitative societal frameworks like capitalism may be viewed as so alien to these club/gun carrying higher-level primates that they instinctively reject outright any democratic modifications. Remember the axiom: "Hardwired predispositions never respond to cerebral intervention." So no matter how advanced the sentient species, if a set of non-communal behaviors is embedded in a psyche that is subconsciously accustomed to obey sociopathic outliners it will be very difficult for the species to deviate from what "feels right" to something that "feels alien". This could mean these elites who set themselves up to be kings and queens lording over the general population will never be dissuaded from exercising their power, and the slaves, serfs, or workers will not readily disavow their subservient positions in the clan.

None of us should start adopting a fatalistic attitude, especially this late in the game. We have invested far too much in blood, sweat, energy, brainpower, and precious time to braking free from this precarious existence - this despotism of rule by fiat. Our day-in day-out subsistence, "scrapping by", the oppressiveness of always falling further behind never able to relax because the bills just keep piling up will only end when we swap out the exploitative CEO, executive capitalist club for a civilizationist civilization. Falling wages (real income) that covers less and less of the cost of products and services that each year increase in price is a design of parasitic capitalism that views workers as hosts to feed off of - a wealth and income hungry horde of CEOs, executives, major investors, all the capitalist robber barons drain us dry so they can live like sultans.

How many of the problems that we have in this exploitative society that leaves too few resources left over after the capitalist vultures have picked the bones clean might never have arisen in an egalitarian, purely democratic civilizationist society? Rampant crime that is an outgrowth of lack of opportunity and poor living conditions would surely decline under a People's Movement government that invested in public transportation, free education through a university Master's degree program, and communities. With dramatically rising personal incomes after ownership of companies is transferred to workers so they can run and receive all the fruits of their labors in the form of higher wages a broader distribution of income and wealth would be injected into the society, made available for substantial improvements in the quality of life of everyone not just a select few bandit enslavers who game the system. Workers could put in their pockets all the cash resulting from their hard work instead of having it stolen by pickpocket CEOs, executives, Board Members, and investors wanting to bulk up on obscene luxuries. Income and wealth that is now pilfered away in stock markets in a financialized economy would be redirected back into the real economy generating unleveraged business investments. Homeowners' now just glorified tenants could become genuine owners of their properties because they would finally have the money to pay off their loans to the landlord banks that hold the title.

What we envision is not some piecemeal inadequate easily taken away tweaks of this rigged societal structure but a paradigm shift away from capitalism into an entirely new societal form called civilizationism. Instead of a 1% manipulated society that orchestrates the transference of capital and money from the general population to Wall Street casinos. We would replace this scam that 'generates' additional 'wealth' and 'income' from loans made to the general population that are backed-up by a phony fortune in the financial industry with our People's Movement civilizationist society that would empower citizens to use their undiluted real income and wealth to build and support an egalitarian people first culture that does not leave the general population out in the cold. The stock markets would be pulverized to dust. All these cleverly conceived gambling houses that keep much needed income and wealth locked up top and starve the real economy of public and private investments would be removed as impediments to bettering our collective future. Money that could improve many lives instead of buying a few capitalist dictators more private islands, planes, yachts, castles, or whatever else these thieves lust for in their dreamy stupor would be freed up instead of landing in overflowing Swiss or offshore banking accounts.

Deep down in your soul, in that inner-self, or what some call our subconscious you must feel that this monstrosity called capitalism is wrong. How can it be anything else but a demon seed that has sprouted into this undergrowth that asphyxiates individuality, community, humanity, and the environment? We all know we are living a precarious existence in an antagonistic social construct that can only lead us to pauperism and an early death. So why do we continue to slavishly follow the edicts and customs of a degenerate capitalist society that if left unchecked will turn this blue planet into a glowing cinder. If we do not act and rid ourselves of this capitalist parasitic beast it will be the catalyst of our extinction. A real society would not be gerrymandered so a chosen few could receive all the benefits leaving the vast majority to swiftly fall into poverty. Why do we continue to suffer stoically like it is our duty to sacrifice ourselves for CEOs, executives, and all the other 1% leaches devouring our planet? Siphoning off income from the general population would never be something that the majority of planetary citizens would want unless they were all crazed masochists. Would you elect to create a Corporate Dictatorship that wields absolute control through a shadow government over each of its supplicant labor slaves? Then why fall prey to a government and system of extortion. Tell the rotten Establishment to take a hike.

Up and down the rusty chain that is dysfunctional absolutism the 99% suffers legal, economic, and political indignities from a system of enforced upper class domination. Resting comfortably on this wickedness is a jurisprudence that promotes the supremacy of the capitalist pirates. Having control over every government on this planet and merging the entire 'taker' society into an interlocked means of promoting the interests of the wealthy by leaching off of the general population "The Establishment", the representation of vulture capitalist society, is always through legal maneuverings solidifying upper class supremacy over the rest of us who do not belong to this clique of out of control despots. To emancipate all the oppressed members of humankind from labor slavery, racism sexism, ageism, and a host of divisive tactics used by "The Establishment" we must eradicate this capitalist society and all its appendages. "The Establishment" would like nothing more than to have us tearing at each other's throats while they finish us off - drain the rest of the income and wealth from the planet and send us to forced labor camps.

Our plan is simple. We will empower the whole planet to create and experience greatness. Not only will we release humanity from the corrosive infighting that is tearing it apart but we will replace the multiple class gradations like upper, upper-middle, middle, and lower with a single class. Strife between these groups that are always struggling to increase their share of the limited economic pie and the pervasive anxiety associated with this ongoing struggle will be relegated to our primal past. With a single broad based class that includes everyone in a civilizationist society that is a dual contributor and receiver all bound to a 24/7 bottom-up democratic framework instead of a hierarchical top-down Corporate Dictatorship we will eliminate the multifarious class hostilities generated by this degenerate capitalist culture. From a legal standpoint we will then be able to toss out the thousands of laws that were written by big-business lobbyists to keep the lower classes in check and subservient to their too-rich-to-give-a-damn masters.

The collective destiny we will proudly declare our creation will be integrated into a shared human experience that transcends the elitist destruction of community for the rapacious greed of a few. Anything associated with the elitist devised antihuman machine state will be deleted like a bad computer virus. Revitalizing the innate human need to communicate not just with stilted quick one-liners but face-to-face, in more in-depth socially infused communities, linked to social networks that are also democratic forum/election systems, and all of this with a late 1890's nightly talk with neighbors on the porch feel, will rehabilitate a general population that has started to act like the windup labor Droids our corporate masters fantasize about when counting their mountains of loot. The People's Movement and its many child groups will need to be more functionally integrated into our social beings - transforming the majority of our activities into community forums where we exercise all the principles of our technologically linked 24/7 democracy. Only through continual practice of our rusty socialization skills will we be able to effectively communicate in a communication rich civilizationist purely democratic People's Movement society.

Through "The Establishment's" effective debasing of societal norms like respect, integrity, and decency we are not fighting each other in a thug's world ruled by the former social rejects. The current demagoguery that is attempting to pin our People's Movement into a corner was made possible by "The Establishment's" defunding of education and their lobbyists watering down of overtime laws. Laborers who need to work in excess of 12 hour days just to maintain a bare subsistence level existence have little time or money for anything other than sleep peppered with a few mind-numbing uninformative television shows. Most of these individuals who recite the fascist incantation that "it's all those other people causing all our problems" would never have reached this state of utter neglect if the 'taker' governments had been more concerned with rising all boats in the ocean instead of just the ocean liners owned by their 1% bosses. There would be emperor, the squirrel topped wolverine is a 'woefully disadvantaged billionaire CEO' not in good standing with his other bad boys and girls. But why is it not obvious that Trumpenstein is just another executive 'taker' who has left them with no factories to work in, health insurance not worth the 'paper' it is written on, service sector jobs that pay less each year in real-income adjusted wages, deteriorating benefits, and no prospects for a better life for themselves and their children.

What do you believe will be the consequences of a castoff, furious, and ill-informed majority at the end of their line that latches ahold of a savior sociopath ready to take them to the Promised Land? All those in "The Establishment" from across their extensive media empire who over many years promoted the Rush Limbaugh racist inciters who were always ready to rant about "those others" be it the "Blacks", "Jews", or a weekly favorite target that they could displace their idiotic ill-informed frustrations onto were the principle fomenters of our current Trump haters party. Oddly enough the 1% filthy-rich in the Corporate Dictatorship were so effective at draining all the income and wealth from the general population and promoting divisions in this same ever increasing slave labor pool that now they are unable to cork up the drain even temporarily while they sort things out. "The Establishment" created this monster that is now threatening to destroy its master. Those of us in the People's Movement who are on the cerebral side of the revolt against these shadow government elite mobsters are now confronting not only an incompetent Establishment but also the product of the sowing of their seeds of vociferous hatred.

These elite idiots through their own unorganized machinations have generated not one but two enemies who want to see them go bye-by. Trump and his king cometh supplicants using a primal approach and our People's Movement applying a cerebral technique. Using separate battering rods and ladders we will soon breach our corporate masters' castle defenses. This is definitely not a very good time to be a bankster or other offshore account money stuffing billionaire. Two very dissimilar enemies are coming at you from both sides and you have nowhere to go. From our perspective, those of us in the cerebral camp should not delude ourselves into believing these Trumpites are our buddies. On the contrary they are more dangerous than our fellow cerebral brothers and sisters in "The Establishment" that we assail with essays, legalities, political barbs, and other non-lethal instruments of persuasion for these Trumpites led by a barbarian will have no qualms about slicing our throats with knives, shooting us with their guns, and dragging us away to torture chambers, firing squads, and gas chambers operated by criminal thugs whose job it is to silence dissention.

Complicating the United States turmoil even more is the ever present never diminished undercurrent of racism. Closeted for many years, talked about in small circles with family or close acquaintances among the most seemingly professional and 'normal' folks this ethnocentricity fostered a subterranean culture that always blamed "those others" either "the Jews", blacks, or any other handy scapegoat for all the problems besieging the general population. The Civil War never ended, it just smoldered below the surface. Anyway, why is it so inconceivable for a deep thread of bigotry to be weaved across a financially stretched, anxious, and overworked population that never took the time to delve into the real causes of their enforced labor slavery? For most of these folks who had long ago lost good paying manufacturing jobs and were relegated to the worker surplus labor pool it was easier to blame all "those others" and fall right into the elite divide-and-conquer traps meant to keep the general population fighting with one another so the 1% CEO executive types could keep offloading all the income and wealth from wage savings into the financial casinos and their overstuffed Swiss bank accounts.

All us working slugs regardless of our occupation should resolve to come together to direct our anger at the CEO lords of the realm bleeding us dry instead of taking out our frustration on fellow workers. Why in the world would any worker support a CEO kingpin like Trump who hails from the big-business drain-them-dry club of vultures? You will get nothing from this lobster and Prime Rib eating hooligan but ill-defined promises to improve conditions in your corporate gulag. He will be slithering for the nearest hole with all the loot while you are beating your brother's or sister's head in with a club. Pump your fist into the air. Scream at the top of your lungs: "I will never again fall prey to the political maneuverings of any CEO executive vampire. My struggle is joined with my fellow workers against the 1% rich-take-all pirates like Trump." Our People's Movement is a big enough tent to shelter everyone in the general population being exploited by the capitalist bandits. Trump and his giant plane flying goofball elitists have a single overriding objective: keep all us little people occupied dissecting meaningless platitudes so he and his buddies can sneak up from behind and break the backdoor down and drag us off to their slave camps - destination Trump Island - the continental U.S. - his own private stockade complete with electric prods, bull horns, torture chambers for the overly troublesome, and a slimy clear gruel served twice a day.

Do you really believe that after you have caused such a ruckus that the crown princes of "The Establishment" will just let their pal Trump take over? Not a chance, they will trash what little freedoms we have left by lighting a match to "The Constitution" and impose martial law. "The Donald" will be ready like some banana republic generalissimo to save all the 'little people' by declaring himself Emperor. He will not even need to keep around all those millionaire lobbyist messengers on K-Street, marionette lawmakers, and assorted hacks who drain the coffers of the big-business Establishment. How better to end this year than to finally lock down once and for all every single insubordinate bottomscrapper. Every too-big-to-fail bankster, the looters armored car money haulers will all be singing their praises to "The Donald" because all those nettlesome partial democratic window trimmings like "Free Speech", "Freedom of Assembly", and especially those very troublesome elections that cost corporate mobsters untold fortunes can now be better spent on crazy in vogue luxuries. Happiness will be short-lived for the royalty because Lord Trump after he has thrown them in jail will gradually pick off each of their corporations merging it into his corporate realm. Go ahead, vote for the pathological liar, the embodiment of the simpleton CEO sociopaths who are running our world into the ground.

Better yet, take some of your precious time and unearth your reality, your true condition, why you are falling further and further behind in a society mangled and munged up so it only benefits the rich. Read the information on this site. After taking just a few hours delving into this land of the reality check your mouth will be dragging wide open on the floor. You will find that the only way out of this hell-pit called capitalist society ruled by an oppressive Corporate Dictatorship through their shadow government is to join our People's Movement in our quest to establish a brand new civilizationist society where the worker owns, operates, and is the sole benefactor of the income generated by what should rightfully be your firm.

Give it a break. No more sugarcoating this big-business slave camp. Look it straight on. Tell yourself what is my actual position and condition in this grand con by a group of self-serving vampire sucking inhuman fiends who could give a rat's ass about me and my family. This 'pleasure' ship of indignities is solely operated on a planetary level to suck the living daylights out of each worker Droid so that a few little spoiled 1% elite brats can drink gallons of fancy booze, snort pounds of cocaine, screw a harem of prostitutes, fly around on a fleet of big flashy jet planes, buy islands, build castles like we collect change in a jar, stir up trouble, and foment hate on what could be a peaceful and pleasant blue planet if they would just drop dead.

That was the sordid unfiltered version of our nasty condition in this gulag of endless drudgery. Seldom will our People's Movement resort to such in the gutter descriptions in describing our condition but it is imperative that voters break their trance to the devil. Those of us unfortunate to not have been born with a silver spoon in our mouths should know better than to vote for a CEO scum like Trump. It is time to get to the root of this degenerate society that is slowly killing all of us for the holy dollar bill that is always artfully snatched from our hands by these elite sociopaths. Get on the right side of this revolution. How dare you align yourself with the enemy of your own people! Only through our united fifth-column front will we be able to reach an equitable future where we all have an opportunity to prosper - not just an anointed ruby encrusted cackle of royal buffoons.

Society is the problem, not how we have organized what is inherently a filthy-rich take all scheme that under Emperor Trump will turn us all into grubby slaves working behind barbed wire fences for any number of his businesses that he stole from former Establishment oligarchs. The 1% elite know that Putin II will be coming to throw them into prison on phony charges so he can 'own' the largest business empire ever constituted backed up by the world's largest military that he will deploy first against Canada, then Mexico, and finally Central and South America. His brown-shirt Nazi goon equivalents will enforce a police state that bashes down doors in the middle of the night to drag off "those others" like Moslems, Jews, Blacks, left leaning Socialists, and of course People's Movement supporters. Enforcing absolute power in a fascist state that does not permit dissention will mean nighttime's darkness will turn the many black-boots kicking in doors and the screams of those dragged from their beds into a muffled continuum of mysterious loss. Those who were forced to live through the horrors in Chile under the Pinochet dictatorship can attest to a psychopath's lasting impact with this simple but terrifying response: "Here today, gone tomorrow". Instead of an upper crust club of megalomaniacs there will only be Trump who will demand unconditional surrender of all your rights and a sworn oath of allegiance that if broken will mean your death in front of a firing squad.

Justifications for Trump's seizure of power will abound. He may declare that he is the only U.S. Presidential candidate with a 'mandate' from millions of his supporters to throw out an already universally acknowledged "Establishment" rigged government and economy. Possibly the Republican bigwigs will decide they need to rewrite the rules just prior to the convention and rig "The Establishment" controlled process in a contested convention so as to deny the Trumpites the nomination. This will only inflame taut tensions turning a brush fire into a raging forest fire. Even if he does not win a plurality of the vote the Trumpites believe their prince, the almighty Trump, has an undisputed right to be the first absolute monarch of the United States. Maybe the riots that Trump foresees is all the incentive he will need to step into the fray and "restore legitimacy to a delegitimized fragmented government" - a solemn "swearing in" of "our protector" - "our savior who will lead us out of darkness into a world where his image lights the way to prosperity" and an unfathomable tyranny. However the twisted spin is whitewashed in the lily-white cycle Trump will be crowned pharaoh before millions of his future labor slaves.

Owing their day-in-day-out drudgery to capitalist pigs just like the Trumpeter the farce of this wet eyed loving stupidity will be lost on the ignorant supplicants who will soon feel the crackling fire of the slave master's whip. Forgotten or whisked from game putrefied brains never once caring to inquire about their true condition is the central question: "Why is my quality of life continuing to deteriorate when so much affluence abounds. CEO and executive idiots keep stuffing millions of raises away each year. Where is my reward for being the creator of their products and services? Are we just supposed to endure the unendurable indefinitely? Be a good little labor slave." But the questions keep popping up. Why has my medical insurance premiums and deductible increased beyond my means to pay? Who is on the take? Did Obama payback his big-business insurer political backers with Obama Care that requires each resident of this national chain-gang squad to maintain worthless medical coverage or face a hefty yearend tax penalty? Aren't you infuriated at the tiny sliver of economic strip miners like Trump who cart away from companies many billions of dollars that should be going to the overworked and underpaid 'doers' - all the workers like us who are treated like interchangeable widgets?

This is our People's Movement guarantee to Trumpenstein: "If you push a real revolution on us we will finish it." Our Fifth-Column army will come rolling over the hills, flying in an onrush of sonic booms, cutting through waves on the open seas seeking out any mindless fascist freak and the legions of arrogant totalitarian devotees that come rushing at us with club-in-hand. We will never submit to an imprisonment many times worse than our current bone-picking bankinators. No one for a millisecond should believe our People's Movement with billion's embedded in a Fifth-Column across a diverse nation-state world will sublimely bow before a single elite leach when we have unequivocally declared our disdain for all income sucking 1% leaches. Let this be a warning:

"We will use all the multi-country forces including those from our Fifth-Column embedded military in the U.S. to defeat any illegal attempt by anyone to assume power by employing violent means. Primal responses to autocracy end up in destitution and death that cannot be tolerated. Our cerebral approach to achieving revolutionary objectives that will ultimately free humankind from this Corporate Dictatorship is our preferred method but if Trump or others unleash the demons from hell in a firestorm of violence we will not hesitate to respond accordingly. But rest assured our response will be with a military capability that will annihilate any Neanderthal reprobates that try to impose their dictatorial regime on a democratically inspired citizenry."

Listen closely and you may be able to hear the mobs chanting in unison: "I cannot wait to be a full-fledged chain-rattling member of Trump's slave gang." Maybe King Trump will let a low-life bottomscrapper like me ride in his fancy plane. Clearly since he is the personification of all that the 1% elite bloodsuckers stand for he will probably have us valley dwellers do some tricks for his highness or disavow all that we stand for in a final dignity purge - not that a chain jangling slave needs self-respect. Sponge that calendar clean for you will definitely need to jump too for your master if he comes to town. Adulation is what this super-duper lord of corporatism will demand. In all the newly converted Trump ruled slave quarters wall sized pictures of the fuzzy topped big-vulture will peer down at you with those small beady eyes reminding you that your foolish choices sealed the crypt that you now dream of escaping. In quick glimpses of what could have been, the beauty of an unbounded liberty slips away like a puff of smoke as you reach out to grab fleeting images. Waking from your momentary stupor you are startled to see that you have just inhaled a gritty black cloud of dust - that must have been your overworked and tired mind playing tricks on you - a yearning for a future you blew away - nothing more than a toxic chemical stew with a sprinkling of particulate waste that is slowly killing all oxygen breathing organisms.

Plug this frayed electrical cord into the wall of political party power coming from "The Establishment" power plants and you have just juiced this whole creepiness up many notches. No weirder sequence of events could have been concocted by the former writers of the X-Files than the antidemocratic charades of the two "house of cards" shuffling U.S. political parties. Playing out in the old school black-and-white film trembling in streaks of white lines the worn out Republican Party big wheels are seen preparing to sellout the citizen primary voters in a convention that gives the nomination to the highest bidding one percenter. Let the delegate auction commence - down cracks the gavel. Pull out the winner's political hack and attach those puppet wires. Not to be outdone the Democratic Party has frontloaded their favored political hack with a few hundred "Super Delegates". Not super in the superhero sense but super like a slimy swamp monster ready to drag into the deepest part of the lagoon any candidate that dares take on the subterranean ghouls who rule absolutely from their chambers in the shadow government.

For an added clump of crude dredged up from the lower levels of the CEO 'taker' sewer comes this perfecto personification of lessor executive stupidity, arrogance, and gushing sociopathic propensities. In the unequaled theatre of farcical U.S. antidemocratic power lust the too-rich-to-give-a-damn lords of the realm are fighting for who will ascend to the chief puppet-masters' favorite puppet: The President of the United States. But wait a minute that Trump guy is refusing to be the favorite puppet of his vulture buddies. How can that be, this was not in the script? He is bamboozling the general citizenry into believing he is their savior from enforced income and wealth piracy at the hands of his fellows. What this wizard of deception wants is to be the absolute ruler, an Emperor, not some flunky to follow orders from his higher-ups in the degenerate capitalist societal kingdom. Wow, what theatre, get your popcorn and watch this latest instalment of political farce flash by on your widescreen - reality T.V. at its best. Once again you are just a spectator. That is if you do nothing to demand the immediate return of your vote, voice, and government. Let's switch the off button on this last gasp of "The Establishment". Please do not let this be your choice for the final contestant that will advance to the next round. Pull the plug on this show.