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Traumatic Societal Transformation

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Integrating the planet Earth into a saturated system of democracy and capitalism that is based upon the unambiguous rights of the individual is a traumatic ongoing process of societal transformation. All sentient beings regardless of religion, creed, physical characteristics, or any other differentiating factors have an undeniable right to liberty and happiness. Absolute freedom in an environment devoid of legal constraints meant to channel individuals down accepted cultural paths spurs creativity across a wide spectrum of societal channels.

A societal paradigm shift is occurring similar to the reorientation from feudalism to capitalism. We’re moving the ultra-capitalist skewed societal template along with all associated government functions, and integrated cultural characteristics towards a purer form of capitalism stabilized across labor, government, and business injection conduits.

Also required for the stabilization of the inherent societal drivers of labor, business, and government is a democratic global government that ensures these drivers are resting upon an adaptable legislative foundation free from manipulative interference. Without this unified democratic global government even the best efforts expended at stabilization of the labor, business, and government tiers will be an effort in futility.

Short-term, the Earth Planetary Parliament will be an abstraction layer that lives above the nation-state governments. This is necessary in order that the transition to a pure form of planetary government doesn’t shock the entire society into uncontrolled chaos. Therefore, these countries will continue to operate based upon historical precedent. Gradually, the Earth Planetary Parliament per its charter and constitution will exert it’s preeminence over all nation states. Eventually this patchwork of disjointed and fractured disunity that are the countries will evolve into a singular harmony under the Earth Planetary Parliament. When this transpires these redundant governmental entities will dissolve away.

With the dissolution of all nation-states the Three-Tiers-of-Stability being labor, government, and business will be further rationalized by reducing the previously overburdened governmental tier’s responsibility. No longer will this Stability-Tier be accountable for both an infusion of input from the nation-state and Earth Planetary Parliament layers of government.

It is essential that this gradual approach towards the evolution of Earth’s planetary societal reformulation be taken in order to avoid perturbing the whole societal dynamic into frenzied anarchy. Change is always traumatic in varying degrees, but to minimize drastic revolution reduces the likelihood of incurring stimulatory instability fissures that will tear the whole planet apart. These societal c-changes are very, very tricky. The slightest miscalculation could descend Earth into a new Dark Age.

Painful though it may be these are the growing pains that a planet transitioning from primitive multitudinous nation-states to a unified planetary democratic parliament must endure in order to reach maturation consistent with an advanced sentient species. Upheaval is always experienced during these stressful migrations. Waves of irrationality come from all corners of the heterogeneous cultures that were promoted within the discordant nation-state atmospheres. Planetary unification is frightening; most individuals tend to lash out in unexpected ways.

All will go well for us if we just remain unwavering in our core central values and be watchful of those who are tempted to exchange their decent orientation for an unbounded evil that is an outgrowth of their fear. For evil feeds on fear, the more pervasive the perceived instability the more fear is generated. Unfortunately, this is a trickier societal transformation given the already big-business elite manipulated global society but we will all make it to the other side if we don’t let fear transform us into monsters.