Tomorrow We Dance To Freedom

Tomorrow We Dance To Freedom

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Dancing in a twisting turning melodious excretion of emotion they gyrated. Glistening bodies erect in postures of pure freedom celebrating their emancipation. Jurisprudence, morality, greed built up by the ruling class, all the societal structures that had assured the dominance of the powerful few over the impoverished many had been blown asunder. No different from any other historical epoch dominated by class antagonisms our current ultra-capitalist war of competition was doomed to fall. This is because sensuality, eroticism, decency, cooperation, and visionary desire form the innate underpinnings of pure unconstrained freedom in humanity that was anathema to the artificially induced culture of conflict.

What these expressive colorfully clad happy citizens share in common is not the uninhibited need to crush their fellow human beings in some greed intoxicated state of insanity but the desire to form communities based upon vibrant cooperation.

Yesterday, the monolithic capitalist system centered on labor servitude to a global business/government collective was destroyed. The collective weight of billions of workers rising up from a global grassroots movement accelerated the termination of this dysfunctional inhuman epoch. A historical epoch to rival all others in its accepted cruelty, callous disregard for the welfare of the majority, and endemic pathology of hate - the byproduct of entrenched evil - this system of practiced degeneracy is finally dead.

This global society, this globalization of coercion of laborers to become the chattel of a privileged cabal of elite bankers, multi-national lords, lobbyists, political hacks, and all the other castle dwellers was vanquished. The end came not at the point of a sword but from an awakening of the masses to their true condition; their place in a subsistence wage world. A world designed, geared, coordinated across nation-states to feed the insatiable greed addiction of their capitalist masters.

Enlightened workers understanding the indignity of conditioned subservience to an incompetent class of capitalist mystics broke their chains. No longer would these elite thieves, these pirates, build their mountains of treasure on the backs of global workers forced to accept deteriorating wages and labor conditions - the spell had been broken - the celebrations rang around the world in a feverish release from conditioned oppression.

The elites of this epoch, diabolical in their intolerance of originality - having evolved into the most vindictive and malicious dogma spouting fanatics fell down hard when their 'house of mirrors' - their pervasive illusion was shattered by reality.

These powerful rulers had become inextricably bound to their own well cast inflexible dogma. They had unknowingly succumbed to their own blighted society of illusion meant to keep the working slaves intoxicated with devotion to the corporate machine - the meat grinder of happiness. Unwittingly drinking their own poison these tireless sowers of disunity, corruption, nationalism, racism, and societal stasis boiling in a cauldron of meanness actually believed all the doctrines of their society of intolerance.

These looters of civility, pleasure, happiness, and decency were plowed under by their own intransigence, their own inability to see through their fog of illusion, their propaganda - the fount of ideas bursting forth from the downtrodden global citizenry overwhelmed their simple minds.

Happiness, a world not rooted in class antagonisms would not be denied to a citizenry determined to exact justice on a world based in injustice and a degenerative pervasive malice.