Tomorrow We Dance To Freedom

Today We Crawl Out From the Rut to Look Across Our Limitless Future

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If the outcome that we are seeking is significantly different from the yearly bleeding of our wellbeing by the 1% robber barons why do we continually elect politicians that share the same underlying elitist viewpoints? Isn’t it high time we entertained the notion of supporting candidates with entirely different worldview paradigms? Monopoly Capitalism has already proven to be a monstrous scheme of majority exploitation that will sink us further into slavery if we are afraid to challenge the status quo. If we continue to elect global Big Business caretakers like Hillary Clinton, Jeb Bush, and other planetary puppets of the aristocracy our fate is sealed. Just toss what little bit of liberty, income, and privacy you have out the window because the feudal nobility will most certainly tear it from you before they drag you into the gulag and chain you to the wall.

Dehumanizing hierarchical highly bureaucratic despotism is not democracy. Let us not confuse arbitrary rule by a privileged few elite bandits with a bottom-up egalitarianism that is infused into every aspect of our daily lives. See how much freedom you have to express your displeasure inside your corporate prison camp. Let your masters know how displeased you are at not receiving a wage increase, decent salary, more than a couple weeks of vacation, and a democratic voice in how the business is operated.  Tell them you are disgusted at sacrificing your life so upper management – all the CEO, CIO, CFO, and C… assorted royals can rake in billions upon billions of dollars and live like sultans. Test your supposed democracy and see how far you get before the kingly crowd throws you out the door head first.

A ‘taker’ society like ours is designed to drain all benefits, income, and power from the majority. The economic surplus and the political establishment become the exclusive property of the imperial class. Any surplus that is the difference between what we collectively generate and its total cost to produce is absorbed by the bourgeois pirates who leave us only mountains of debt extended by their banks. These island buying, private plane flying despot predators can only purchase so many luxury goods so they must ‘invest’ this income, the economic surplus back into the Wall Street manipulated financial system that in turn lends it to the productive majority of humanity – all of us laborers toiling daily for a token wage that never rises. Estimates of the economic surplus that we create through our initiative, creativity, hard work, and grinding subservience to Ultra Capitalism range from 50 – 60% of planetary GDP – of this amount we may receive an indirect benefit in the form of government public expenditures derived from ever declining corporate taxes.

Our elite lords invest most of this surplus in the stock market, stuff it into offshore tax havens, wire funds into Swiss bank accounts, or waste it on more grandiose castles, drugs, prostitutes, islands, extravagant parties, ocean liner sized yachts, and fleets of high-end sports cars. Out of the trillions of dollars that is the economic surplus those of us who are the producers who have the spark of genius to envision the unimaginable or mold it into something useful toiling at a computer terminal or factory assembly line will only be granted more credit at our lords’ company store banks. In this obscene system of extortion the general population withers away on a death march too labor gulags while the ‘omniscient’ Monopoly Capitalist dictators engage in every imaginable debauchery that trashes the planetary environment and society leading all of us more speedily towards a certain extinction.

Are we going to continue to let this blight that is Monopoly Capitalism rule over us and destroy our lives or are we going to fight it with every fiber of our being? Democracy must be extended across the entire society. Every facet of liberty must be observed both at work and outside of our places of employment. If we can only guarantee partial freedom buried inside a culture based upon bandit philosophy do we not just exist in delusion?

So how do we extract ourselves from the bourgeois quick sand? First we must stop plodding along in the same worn out ditches. Commit to any reasonable course of action that is contrary to the standard dogmatically acceptable solutions. This translates into simple steps like not supporting the puppet masters chosen marionettes. If the mainstream media machine is promoting Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush both flush with cash from big money donors do you really expect these candidates to push for radical change that will improve your lives? Or is it reasonable to assume they will promise the majority of citizens the world only to deliver more of the same when they are elected?

Status quo is ever so good when you are in the seat of power and on the receiving end of stolen wealth. If you held the reins of this blue planet’s governments in your hands, all the wealth flowing into your Swiss bank account, friendships with other elites across multiple corporate boardrooms, a grand club of fellow dogmatists all living beyond any sultan’s wildest dreams would you give it up to allow a rabble to rule? Probably not, for that is the myth that we are all decent at the core – more true to reality we are just craven animals that given the chance to become heathens we would each of us fall from the proverbial grace of our chosen God in a split second.

That is why when we do take control of this Monopoly Capitalist mess it is imperative that we transform it into a pervasive democracy. Anything less than absolute freedom ultimately destabilizes into tyranny. Cracks are found by sociopaths who are more genetically inclined to rule over their fellow sentient beings. Therefore liberty must be airtight it can have no exceptions, special clauses, unique circumstances, or any other fissures that can be exploited by those few who wish to become the new nobility that drags the majority into subservience.

Our purple must saturate the entire sphere in individual actions. We should base our decisions upon not what is expected but instead upon what we know to be just, beyond reproach. When we take actions that help build a firm foundation of equity, liberty, and dignity in a permanently pervasive democratic society we will have our benchmark of a lasting freedom. Today is the day we crawl out from the rut to look across the possible – a future without bounds.