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Throw Out the Corporate Socialist Legislators

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Silly does not even begin to describe the happy stupidity of our politicians. Do they actually believe we give a hoot about either party Democrat or Republican? Both parties have dominated the political process in the United States for generations. Nothing meaningful has transpired legislatively for decades. On those rare occasions when both houses do pass bills it is either to placate public opinion for egregious government corporate socialism or to prop up a dysfunctional aspect of capitalism. Serving no other purpose but to provide the citizen with a choice of either a red or blue elite enabler America’s political parties are now the face of an elite royalty that expects to be indefinitely coddled by government.

Anyone unfortunate enough to find themselves struggling in the land of disillusion knows full well that they are on their own. We can expect nothing from organizations set up exclusively to promote candidates that will act in accordance with the dictates of their lobbyist constituents instead of fulfilling any policy that would benefit the entire country. Is there really any difference between the two big money supported corporate charities? Both are made up of schemers that hold office to scope up perks and land cushy executive jobs with their big business rulers upon leaving government.

We could sound the alarm but the shrill of its wail has already penetrated the entire land. So let’s just end right here. No need to belabor points that all citizens of the United States can already spell out in precise detail.

Vote for neither party. Cast your vote for either an independent candidate or write in someone you feel would do a better job than these corporate socialists.