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Throughout History Bad Leaders Have Infected Human Organizations

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Bad leaders have infected movements, governments, and organizations across all echelons since time immemorial. By focusing myopically on the short-term instead of the long-term our leaders have typically kept us locked up in the present forced to relive suboptimal experiences. This trait would be bad enough but history has shown us that most of our leaders have also been sociopaths who are only interested in how ruling benefits them instead of those they lead. There are those rare instances when we are blessed with insightful caring leaders. These are leaders like Nelson Mandela who were genuinely interested in leaving the world in better shape than he found it.

Most horrors that have visited the blue planet can be attributed to bad leadership. From the dawn of organized human civilization many nation-state collapses have been linked to a string of bad leaders. These were takers more concerned with bulking up on their personal luxuries than investing their efforts to leave behind a legacy of accomplishments that could be transformed into a better future for all those who followed.

Typically, past leaders weren’t democratically elected but instead gained power through armed aggression. This meant that they were already tarnished with personality defeats like sociopathic tendencies crucial to a tyrant’s rise against other snakes of the realm. Not being personally capable or interested in enlightened rule these nearsighted megalomaniacs pursued objectives that only enhanced their interests. These luxury addicted power hungry thieves left the vast majority of the nation-states that they ruled to languish in mediocrity, decline, or vanish after they strip-mined all the surrounding natural resources.

We have the opportunity in democracies to elect better leaders. But when the process is corrupted by meddling power hungry sociopaths we typically get more of the same miserable egocentric snakes we thought we barred from our less enlightened past. Across the world democracies have been converted into plutocracies by big-business lobbyist interlopers who have burned at the stake the majority constituent voice of the citizenry. Only a very few nation-states still have a vital and unimpeded majority of citizens actively participating in their government. Still fewer are completely free from corrosive manipulative corruption by elites.

That is why we need an entirely new template for 21st Century democracy. Make holding elected office a less tempting prize for deviant sociopaths.

  • Enact term limits for all elected positions so that the office holder doesn’t have time to build a personal fiefdom.
  • Outlaw all special interest lobbying of every elected official.
  • Entirely finance campaigns for elected office through taxes at fixed real dollar amounts.
  • Eliminate the multiplicity of petty redundant government jurisdictions.

Yes, that is right; we are building up to the most important element that our purple revolution, the People’s Movement autocatalytic societal change has been instigating to ultimately achieve – a single worldwide democratic government. Eventually we will replace all the existing ultra-capitalist elite feudal fiefdoms with pure democracies infused with capitalism that doesn’t seep into the governmental sphere. New People’s Movement nation-state democracies will lay the foundation for a single planetary government.

In the meantime, we need to ferret out ineffectual, short-term leaning and egocentric sociopaths from all leadership positions. Reject leaders that possess these leadership characteristics. Elect new leaders to replace those more concerned with building up personal fortune or fame than pursuing long-term sometimes difficult but necessary objectives that advance the interests of the majority of citizens.

Crucial to building a more equitable, inclusive, respectful and decent planetary society is being able to differentiate between good and bad leaders. Even when we build in all the safeguards meant to keep power hungry and greed addicted sociopaths from aspiring to take office there will still be a few that will try to subvert the system to their own personal benefit. We must be ever vigilant to root out these pirates. This means that we should be able to spot the personality traits typical of this type of vermin. When identified, eject this flotsam down the drain before it pollutes the entire organization. These manipulative egotists have a way of drawing more of their kind like vultures to carrion. Don’t ever let your guard down, for swashbuckling opportunists will always be a clear and present danger no matter how progressive our societal paradigm.