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Thought Silos a Precursor to Intellectual Stratification

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Established procedures, norms – a codification of every intricacy of human endeavor is leading to a societal shift from open inclusive and creative thought patterns to those clouded by process. An obscure outcome of enhancing barriers to entry based squarely on extreme constraints is the acceptance of channeled inquiry that never breaks free from systematic well-documented and prescribed outcomes. We’re in danger of becoming the systems that we create. Allowances for abstraction within the human societal framework (an essential component of all brilliant accomplishments) are being vaporized in a quest to efficiently mass produce outcome clones.

Our chaotically organized, disjointed thought processes more closely resemble the loose connections of dynamic systems instead of the simple highly stratified simpleton applications used for specific purposes. It’s odd that we envision our most basic systems to be the most supremely complex.

More frightening than an invasion of body snatchers that transforms humankind into obedient unquestioning zombies is the intellectual stratification that is destroying what it means to be a passionately imaginative individual. Clean slates, the touchstone of unencumbered conception are being replaced with ‘expert’ approved templates. Any deviation outside the thought silos erected by the ‘experts’ is grounds for labeling the transgressor as a neophyte incapable of aspiring to higher levels of systematization.

Even our job notices reflect a societal shift from empowering the majority to restraining thought processes to a bare minimum. Broad position responsibilities have been replace with pages of finite tasking using ‘accepted’ processes, procedures, techniques, and tools that have been ‘vetted’ by ‘experts’ within their thought silos. We are well past the point of giving a single individual the freedom to expand the horizons of their profession without first guaranteeing that they’ve been thoroughly indoctrinated – brainwashed Droids blissfully preaching the gospel of their thought silo leaders.

Intellectual stratification is a form of covert pacification that blends well in a world that seeks to subjugate the masses by channeling all our activities into prescribed unobtrusive outcomes that don’t disturb the oligarchic global powerbase. Freethinkers are feared by devious rulers who dominate by erecting contrived societal constructs. It is the nonconformist that will question the channeling, the diversion of all riches to the castle. All others will meekly accept their lowly place, parrot the doctrine of the king’s scribes, and join in the fight to eradicate the deviants – those who raise objections.

Without intellectual freedom, the ability to investigate, to blaze new paths in the spirit of discovery the human spirit is chained to the preconceptions of prescribed actions and thought – this is effectively slavery of the harshest design. Chains that cut through flesh when momentarily removed will heal. Absolute dictatorial measures aimed at quashing our free-spirit will over time transform us into closed-minded automatons fearful of venturing outside our thought silos.

Freedom is all encompassing, it has no boundaries. Fear is the tool of the oppressor who seeks to limit behavior within well-prescribed limits. Illusion is your friend if you seek to adhere to the oppressors world view – the system of tyranny.