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Thought Police Ensure Obedience

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Face it we have absolutely no privacy. Our freedom is also circumscribed within well-defined boundaries mainly monitored by intrusive businesses that have taken it upon themselves to be the proxy for an undeclared government police state. There seems to be a contest between the NSA and the business snoopers. Business relies mostly on Internet sources for cataloging of their juicy tidbits and unsanctioned speech violations. Government has a whole arsenal of invasive tools at their disposal. Both seek to eliminate freedom of expression that is harmful to the stability of the parasitic oligarchic global society.

Governments that comprise the oligarchic societal superstructure that is superimposed on every organizational entity orchestrate the most covert system of spying on citizens ever implemented or envisioned. This continuous stream of electronic eavesdropping has no limits or controls. Most nation-states are quick to respond that full-scope surveillance is an essential boundless form of espionage that is vital in deterring sophisticated modern day enemies intent upon unleashing weapons of mass destruction.

Businesses don’t have a convenient excuse handy when queried about why they’re expanding the breathe-and-scope of their espionage activities directed at unsuspecting citizens. Integrally tethered to the oligarchic governments that they control isn’t it entirely possible that they have taken on a new responsibility of being the proxy thought-police for our governments?

By allowing corporate entities to be the enforcer, judge, and jury that ultimately determine the financial solvency of citizens we’re sanctioning a hideous injustice. This is no dystopian future world. We are experiencing the horrible outcomes of obtrusive unbounded dictatorial corporate governance. Corporate entities already have free-rein to scour the Internet for individual attitudes and speech that they disdain or disallow.

This legitimizing of an autocratic conception of speech is undoubtedly applauded by every despot that has ever terrorized a citizenry. Worse yet, having also written the rules these firms also determine the fate of the unsuspecting citizen. Reminiscent of Franz Kafka’s “The Trial” the underling or bottom-scrapping citizen is judged and punished without having any recourse or input. Even the inquisitors from a dark-ages bygone era were visible to the accused.

In our modern world controlled by sociopath elites no one should presume they have the right to question the actions or rules cut into stone by the organization’s autocrats. Corporations routinely ruin the lives of hardworking citizens by covertly blackballing them from employment or advancement based solely upon their political views or online speech. This demeans the very concept of free speech.

A proxy secret police force comprised of peeping-tom corporations is daily enforcing the unwritten rules and dictatorial narrow-minded views of an elite minority.

The business thought police are an essential component of this planet’s oligarchic edifice. They ensure that the minions always know who is ultimately in control of their destiny. Any that stray from the well-defined path of work – those troublemakers, the Deviant’s are stomped on like a pesky bug. Never forget that bugs have been known to infest. Sometimes the best efforts of the exterminator are useless against billions of crawling insects.