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This Dysfunctional Society Breeds Incompetence and Lack of Confidence

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Incompetence, failed economic theories, bought-out lobbyist infested governments, and layer upon layer of takers that soak up income without producing anything that is the essence of this dysfunctional society controlled by elite thieves. Fantasy economic doctrine that its keepers of the sacred faith adore for their double-talk delusion keeps them employed and in some cases filthy rich. The village idiots will always be impressed. Deriving new terms to describe this societal fiasco is now an important part of deflecting criticism from this deranged societal abomination. Just come up with a catchy phrase to lump all those filthy inconsistences into so the general citizenry can feel confident in your wizardry. Such is the essence of the king’s court jesters that play along with the soothsayers in spinning their yarns.

Double dip, back-to-back recessions, all the meaningless groovy dialect of catchy phrase crafters highlights how intellectually decrepit this land-of-illusion truly is when failure can be masked in mere words. Scrolls are consulted to determine the probability of events. Just sprinkle liberally with disjointed mathematical models lit with the sorcerer’s torch. Now the ingredients for a perfect witches brew is ready.

Problem is this societal mess is not limited to ordaining a class of untouchable princes of economic thought. They represent just some of the anointed ‘scholars’ that restrict investigation into the real world phenomena that drives society. Preeminent rulers of dishonesty for their slice of society – the capitalist system – they are but a block in a crumbling structure. Just about every segment of our societal edifice is collapsing. Overflowing with propped up do-nothing place holding incompetents this contrived system of majority exploitation reeks with the stench of rot. When confronted by a reality like Ebola that just can’t be double-talked away the numerous parasites confound correct actions.

These leaders of this swamp called human civilization are usually those least capable of successfully handling adversity. They are typically the bootlickers that have not done anything productive for years. Expert at communicating the latest drivel from the anointed intelligentsia they just drool profusely as they pontificate. Meanwhile, reality just continues to shift and change unaffected by the wizards spells.

Wondering why all the leaders who hold the great scrolls cannot positively address the uncontrollable situation with their fairy dust the mass of commoners finally realize that these so-called experts are charlatans. They are phonies of the worst kind – takers that have received from society but have not fulfilled their duties. Historically, that is when the general citizenry, serfs, the commoners who are the actual producers see these worthless slugs in their true form for the first time.

Losing confidence in our entire society we the producers of the products and services ultimately comprehend that we are on our own – we cannot depend upon these uncreative sloths to save us from the reality that we are confronting. That is when the citizenry overturns the dysfunctional society replacing it with something that can tackle the seemingly insurmountable challenges. Fear is the driver. The instinct for survival of humanity washes clean the dishonesty that was the previous society. We replace it with a relevant, functioning, decent, respectful, honest, progressive, and dynamic creation that is not carrying the baggage of deception. Once again, another scheme to build a class of privileged royalty is eradicated.