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The Vanquished Love Their Corporatist Conquerors

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Isn't it nice when you're forced into submission and then find that your powerful assailant suggests that by acquiescing to his demands at knifepoint it can be assumed that you actually enjoyed the experience? A similar perverted viewpoint of why Main Street in many U.S. cities resembles Wall Street with its proliferation of mega corporate vultures is making the rounds in Corporatist propaganda circles.

This distortion riddled line of reasoning draws a correlation between the physical Main Street big business occupants and those on Wall Street. The propagandists, obviously Wall Street bank and multi-national corporate lobbyist firms who've handed a stuffed white envelope to a poor yellow journalist are really reaching with this latest heap of steaming crap. What these six to seven figure spin doctors are implying through their surrogate yellow journalist 'dude' is that folks across America love their bloated, soulless, red tape, twisted, mega business invaders. We're all (according to this now steak eating 'reporter') just head over heels thrilled that these pirates came to flash burn our tranquility to cinders. It's a kind of screwy guilt by association that is being served up by these masters of stilted reasoning. Somehow, just because these invaders happened to storm our communities and have unfurled their 'flag' in front of our ransacked local businesses we're elated that they've liberated us from quality service and quality products.

What are these Storm troopers of global Corporatist propaganda implying - that our association with the enemy breeds compliance and acceptance? Maybe their suggesting we've succumbed to the Stockholm syndrome - we're so accustomed to being shit-on by our aggressors we now identify with them and have grown to cherish their pillage.

For those not familiar with the Stockholm syndrome it's a somewhat wacko normalcy that grabs folks by the throat and makes them fearful of change even when it is clearly beneficial, like leaving prison after years behind bars, or escaping an abusive spouse. More importantly, the tormented often become friendly with their captors, their antagonists, even in the most horrid cases of torture or rape.

But theories aside, we still need to digress back to the days in the not too distant past when the big business blitzkrieg was swallowing local firms in its ever-expanding oily sink crater.

Years earlier, can you picture the scène as these conquers enter shell-shocked towns after having obliterated all the local businesses for blocks. On cue, communities applauded the invading army of Wall Street banks and mega businesses that conquered their local enterprises and banks. Marching lockstep, legions of lobbyists, lawyers, accountants (possibly even Enron clones), and executive Dons 'stuffed to the gills' with wads of bonus money (pre-taxpayer funded of course) led the pillagers invasion parade down Main Street. If you close your eyes you might resurrect images of flower waving, smiling faces with tear filled eyes wildly cheering the mega business vanquishers who'd come to annihilate the remaining family owned firms, and assimilate others into their corporate collective.

But like most vanquished citizens under the domination of a conquering power they just put up a good front. Punching away feverishly at the keypad of their phone when contacting the gigantic customer service computer only to be placed on hold indefinitely with blaring canned music playing in the background, and continuously replacing the junk that stopped working after only a year or two they stumbled onward. Essentially, they adapted to occupation by a tyrannical regime like so many before them by resolving someday, to kick the invaders out.

Now some of those who were suffering from the beginning are still around to tell the newbie's what it was like to live lives of blissful happiness - not perfect but exceedingly better than the constant frustration plagued existence we toil under today. Of course, that was before the invasion.

But clearly, personal service, and a responsive hometown corporate office that values every customer isn't important to the vast majority of citizens, at least that is what our Corporatist handlers are telling us now. Maybe that is why we're so 'head over heels' in love with our new Corporatist masters? Evidently, the script writer for this bubbly jelly filled wonder of propaganda magic wants all of us little people out in the heartland to believe we're alone in our hate for these monstrous corporate beasts that have destroyed the fiber, the very soul of our communities.

With the Gulf of Mexico turned into a viscous oil reservoir, our democracy sold to the highest lobbyist vultures, executives bulking up on armored car filled millions & billions in compensation and bonus cash, real wages falling fast under global low-cost labor slavery, and an international Corporatist mafia ready to slash our government services to reimburse the Treasures for all the cash these leaches have stolen, is it any wonder we'd like to just rip the heart out of this disgusting abomination.

Beyond any doubt, these liquidators of morality, trust, cultures, the environment, governments, and happiness won't find the locals of any town or hamlet in these United States dutifully lining up along their Main Street waving happily at these barbarian conquerors that have trashed their future for generations to come.