Tomorrow We Dance To Freedom

The Unbreakable Spirit

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Resting quietly against a large rock the space explorer assessed her situation.

Isabel was always a first. She was the first female to pass the grueling United Planets Space Exploration Academy in the top ten percent of her class. Even being admitted was a first for this testosterone saturated organization. But clawing her way up from poverty in a gang infested inner-city pit this had been her most challenging adventure through hell. She always succeeded in shredding the odds stacked against her - twisting events too her favor. Isabel's gift was her inability to believe even for a fraction of a second that she could fail. Through sheer guts and determination she obliterated any obstacle that crossed her path.

This time was no different. Pinned down on the far side of Silodian in the Praxor System her once sleek Pulsar class exploration ship lying in thousands of pieces in the ravine Isabel never once contemplated the worst. With Praxorian battle cruisers hovering a few kilometers from her position and a battalion of their soldiers heading in her direction from the Kilon mountains Isabel out of force of habit just concentrated on solving her predicament instead of being overwhelmed by fear.

It was a damned blessing she hadn't been wounded when her ship was fired upon or when she hit the ground like a ton of bricks after ejecting. She probably could have avoided being fired upon if she hadn't tried to power up her Slip Drive to blast out of this sticky predicament.

It gave her satisfaction that she stuck her middle finger up at these bastards when they least expected it regardless if most would consider it a futile act. She couldn't have gone anywhere. Praxor seemed to stretch for many light years. She was already twenty-seven light years from the nearest base.

"Why the hell did they fire on my ship", this was the question that kept circulating in Isabel's disciplined mind. Her mission in this unexplored star system was supposed to be routine. Based upon reports that had come from High Command this race of humanoids should have been peace loving Capitalists whose central aim in life was making money.


"Awfully generous of the United Planets supplying us with fresh slaves." Traxar was elated; this human female would be a special treat. Break them in by ripping all dignity out of fully used bodies. This was the hallmark of a good slave master and Traxar was one of the best. It was odd though, why humans would lead their own kind into the Proxorian slave camps. Or maybe it wasn't so unusual because these primates had an insatiable craving for luxury. They just couldn't satiate their desire for self-enjoyment through the accumulation of shiploads of Proxorian creature comforts.

What a game it had been this blasting of unsuspecting 'meat' clear across the galaxy to this 'unexplored region'. Undoubtedly, records were doctored back in the primate system covering up the fact that close to four thousand ships that were sent to 'explore' were really being sent to unload their precious cargo of unwilling hands. Years ago Traxar had seen a classified report that hinted at the wealth 'earned' by the human handlers - it was obscene.

Both governments were now so firmly interlocked into a greed induced frenzy of exploitation controlled by their corporate power brokers that not a single individual primate mattered - they were mere chattel. They'd ceased being citizens when they condoned the usurpation of their slimy primate government by corporate lobbyists. Once the powerful vested interests unlocked the powers of government for their unconditional use all bets were off - nothing was sacrosanct.

What made the situation even more interesting was that all the super powerful rich in both the primate system and Proxar Prime were making a killing from a manufacturing industry that was spitting out cheap products by enslaving millions of human slaves. How could a species be so self-centered, decadent, and deviant? More importantly, how could the subjugated be so compliant to allow certain well placed luxury leaches to further enrich their already inexhaustible mountains of booty?

"Bring her here!"ordered Traxor. Isabel was dragged by two Proxarian solders and shoved at the feet of Traxor. "Oh, this one was feisty. What fun she'll be breaking in, wasting her down to a stub of pliable flesh!" thought Traxor as he grabbed her with his bloated hands.

Traxor didn't realize what he'd done by capturing this single, seemingly harmless human. Within time she would be the single most important ingredient of any revolution: the unbreakable spirit.