Tomorrow We Dance To Freedom

The Truncheons of Mega Corporations

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Craning his head to accept the blow of the truncheon was the least this sniveling love nick could do for those who'd turned his life into a living hell. The cowards took the blows as the protectors of injustice indiscriminately lunged and swung; to meek to fight back - to docile to defend their trashed rights these pets took their punishment from their masters.

Languishing by the factory long since closed the rag tag worshipers of the "flower power" era sat on the crumbled black asphalt waiting to have their brains bludgeoned to mush. Singing songs of goodwill with smiles brightly gleaming in the glaring sun they sacrificed in the belief that the world would be miraculously cleansed of evil.

Did any of them comprehend how desperate and threadbare their lives had become when the jobs vanished? Problem was the jobs just didn't vanish they were liquidated, expunged by the economic cannibals who greedily fed on the remains of the once proud first class economies.

These raving lunatics picked the bones clean bringing in cheaper labor replacements or shipping the remains to some tropical jungle to be scrapped by even more poorly paid natives. Rigidly locked into their beliefs, these ingrates cannibalized the global economy and trashed entire indigenous populations all in the name of their savior Adam Smith.

Not a thought was given to the consequences of shuddering factories, terminating untold numbers of workers, sucking with collapsed bright red cheeks the last remaining income rich blood from a global economy feverously gasping for decent wages. All would be right in the world because the rich built larger palaces while the poor struggled to erect smaller hovels. Logic need not reign supreme in their upside down global view. What mattered was that all the faithful stayed true to the covenants of pillage - the scriptures of a sociopath.

But like all fanatics they're all to ready to extend the grizzled hand of force when their sacrosanct distortions aren't swallowed whole by their choking slaves. Just let a fearless man or woman speak out against their dysfunctional worldview and watch how many of these Hyenas descend with fangs bared ready to rip the Judah into a million pieces.

Are we to just sit on the protruding asphalt smiling stupidly while lobbyists destroy our democracies and mega corporation's deep six our standard of living or do we resolve to rise against this tyranny that is gleefully eating us alive?

Don't go rushing to the barricades ready to trash every last Capitalist you run across for there are plenty of small business owners, and many other honest followers who aren't demons but mild believers. These adherents of the faith don't fantasize about mountains of wealth torn from the backs of hard working citizens. They instead rage against the same machine state that inflicts just as much damage to their meager incomes that it does to those of average working citizens.

Our enemy is not the small to medium sized businesses honestly earning every cent of income and paying decent wages. The real enemies of democracy, humanity, the free press, and the environment are the multi-national corporations who dream of the day when humankind works endless hours in dank dungeons chained to their machines. These raving extremists earnestly pray to their god Adam Smith - "Please let darkness fall on OUR world - a world where fearful eyes look up at US."