Tomorrow We Dance To Freedom

The People's Climate March Emphasizes Our Interconnectivity

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Around the world global citizens are uniting, reaching across nation-state boundaries. Our small blue planet is being environmentally destroyed, razed of resources, and transformed into an apartheid society ruled by a minority of elite pillagers. Integrally fused into the fractured structure of governance are the lobbyist interlopers who run our governments for the exclusive benefit of their feudal overlords. All the jurisdictional layers of the planet are now controlled by elite pirates who promote disunity among the majority of citizens who they’ve shoved into the peasant class. These elite megalomaniacs have high-jacked our planet to install their two-tier feudal derived abomination – a societal apartheid.

A terrible outcome of allowing a 1% gang of sociopath fat cats unrestrained access to the levers of societal power is that they can pillage at will all finite resources of our planet. Through their economic and governmental supremacy these mindless thieves of our future feed off of our disunity making it easier to transform us into subservient peasants.

This perpetuated disunity of the majority of global citizens has now ended. We are all acutely aware that our children’s future and the very future of our planet are in jeopardy. We can no longer sit idly by while thousands of municipalities, states, provinces, cities, nation-states, and all the many other territorial governmental entities divide-and-conquer an entire planet’s population.

In the process of keeping us at each other’s throats these descendants of swashbuckling high-seas raiders have been killing our planet’s environment. The stress to this planet’s natural environmental dynamic system has been grave. Already, carbon emissions from wonton disregard of all consequences is turning our blue planet into an overheated – vegetation denuded – ecologically stressed – destabilized – disaster prone sphere. Our only refuge from the ever present vacuum of space is being destroyed by the actions of a few societal raiders.

Unifying all citizens under a single democratic Earth Planetary Government that insures the unimpeded constituent voice of every single global citizen is the longer term solution to most of the problems that plague this average sized planet of passionate high-achievers. By casting aside all the existing easily manipulated governmental entities with their artificial borders we the people of this blue planet under a unified government for all of humanity will open up a brighter future no matter where we reside.

Cleaning up the nest of corruption by eliminating all the needless layers of jurisdictional governmental interference will allow us in an across planet sweep to create an equitable, just, and citizen responsive Earth Planetary Government. Tearing out the big-business lobbyist leaches from our current governments is impossible because they have infected every level of these elite edifices of income pillage. We are exercising our only feasible option by directly infusing our Fifth Column into every minuscule crevice of the global society. Soon we will reach a critical mass of People’s Movement followers who are transforming existing bought-and-sold governments into People’s Movement democracies that will be ready to cede power at a later point in time to our Earth Planetary Government.

All along the path to this better future devoid of resource pillagers we’ll be moving progressively with each day being better than the last. Our ecologically stressed planet will slowly heal through our daily efforts at building a united blue planet. When our children look back many years after our passing they will be proud that we saved the future, gave them and other believers in the divine destiny of humankind the chance to reach a happiness we seldom experience. This is our responsibility; we are fully capable of tearing down a manipulative society run for the exclusive benefit of a minority of elite pirates replacing it with a society and government of the world’s people for the enlightened happiness of all humanity.