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The New York Times - Elites Pass the Buck

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Reading "The New York Times" on this Sunday, June 13, 2010 was a slough through a sticky, mind-altering, lobbyist choked, spin doctored world of perverse illusion. It's not often columnists excrete such puss oozing insightful absurdity.

There's the column describing Vice-Presidential pool parties where well-heeled elites in the media intelligentsia come to exchange blisteringly radiant smiles; and by the way did you know that the Vice-Pres. is now the point guy for the press. Who gives a rat's ass!

Then we're treated to a berating by this idiot who's obviously been drafted by the powerful to scold us bad boys and girls for allowing this rotten Corporatist mess of a society to get so out of hand. Oh ya, you know the deep sea oil drilling it's your fault, your to blame, we're all to blame - just spread that blame around so the true culprits like that greedy oil company that turned the Gulf of Mexico into a dead zone can get off Scott free.

Finally, down in the section reserved for business and Econ issues we find a column written by another of those always wrong, intellectual 'giants' of voodoo Economic thought at the Chicago School. His rambling analysis of our societal mess focused upon "risk"; just a thin slice of pass the buck, pass the blame for all the crap brought on by mismanaged corrupt mega businesses. Did you know that it was their inability to judge and account for risk that is at the heart of all our problems? Somehow, we're not good at judging or handling the inconceivable and by golly when we're (you spotted that "we're" again) able to fix this little problem of predicting the future - all will be well in our low-cost labor gulag, Corporatist ruled world. Never fear, these 'experts' are working night and day to devise 'theories' that justify another 100 years of multi-national bought-out government injustice.

I guess we're all just concentrating too much on surviving that we're not adequately focused upon monitoring all those greedy corrupt mega business leaches that are destroying our environment, funding legions of lobbyists, shipping our jobs overseas, and bringing in cheap labor to replace us. Snap to! You're well aware that when the going gets tough for our Controllers, our Executives, our corporate masters that we're (that's us) obligated to accept the blame for their (that's them) blasphemous dealings that lead to tragic outcomes.

Anyway, there's absolutely no excuse for you to be entirely riveted on fighting for your survival. Keep in mind your primary responsibility is to take the blame for our rulers missteps that result in you permanently losing your livelihood, home, and anything else that happens to resolve those responsible of blame. For the anointed princely crowd believes they can do no wrong, they're above it all, their special, and their living life beyond the pale of us low-life's at the bottom of the barrel. But don't think for a minute that they'll pay the consequences of their actions given that the whole global Corporatist monstrosity is geared towards their self-perpetuation, and preservation. We're (that's us bottom dwellers) just labor droids, accepters of fault, the cleaners of the sewer, widgets in their gigantic wheel of corruption and greed - at least that's how these Byzantine tyrants view us.