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The Myth of the Rugged Corporate Individual

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Is our society disintegrating? Has the mythological force of rugged individualism latched to the ceremonies of ultra-capitalism lost their luster with our citizens? Maybe people just perceive that our society is disintegrating because it no longer conforms to their familiar conceptions? We're no longer inspired by myths that have withered away under the scorching heat of realism. The absolute truths of our world of fantasy propagated within the sacred dominions of the established intelligentsia have been proven completely unsupportable. The sheer magnitude of this global economic collapse has torn asunder all the cleverly worded intellectual ballast that prevented realism from flooding the corporate world of illusion.

During the first half of the 20th Century expert technicians who intimately understood their business from front to back were gradually replaced by financial trader's who's only ability rested with their cunning in manipulating illusory financial symbols that were gradually tied to fantasy capital. Over time, mountains of abstract principles meant to disrupt clarity of thought distorted the judgment of all citizens. Dealers in abstraction perverted the corporation into process bound ineffectual, incompetently managed fiefdoms defended by unassailable economic, business, and legal truths. While incompetent CEO's, and executive management teams floundered within their stagnate kingdoms the outside world changed radically on a week-by-week basis. Their only response to this rapid change was to further hinder the successful operation of their organizations by layering more processes upon their already dysfunctional process infused firms.

Firms being authoritarian organizations, with a culture diametrically opposed to democracy it is in their nature to expressly control what is in their power to control.

A natural progression from internal to external influence resulted so that over time all our global governments were under some degree of corporate control. This control (lobbyist intervention) was gradually accepted, and why not, since a corporation is considered an individual in myth and under the law.

The merging of the corporate with the breathing individual can be traced all the way to Thomas Jefferson who enshrined the conception of the tough individual trader allowed to operate freely outside any restrictions or rules imposed by government. Over time larger and larger corporate interests made up of more diverse geographically distant stakeholders gradually replaced the real live individual traders. But the individual against the natural environment took hold in the romantic mythology of our nation.

It is myths like these that provide an unbreakable tie to a past that help us describe who we are as a people - they become part of our folklore. After many years they are miraculously transformed into universal truths wrapped in potent sacraments, maintained, nurtured, and preached by shamans from intellectual sovereignties like economics, business, and law.

But reality tends to diverge from myth over time. So much so that in our 'reality' most business organizations are now dysfunctional followers of creeds that hasn't the slightest ting of rugged individualism.

What must be acknowledged is that these deified rugged individual traders of our past have never been and never will be the corporation of our present. Our corporations aren't rugged individuals forging ahead with just their true grit determination. They're instead cannibals eating the very society (government & citizens) that they depend upon for their very existence.

Allowed to operate in a global ultra-capitalist system with little to no reasonable restraints imposed by society, they relegate the majority of citizens to a subordinate status. We're effectively compressed down to shoe level as the divine rights of corporations are extended and enhanced. It is therefore ludicrous to grant the same rights afforded an individual, to a corporation that is clearly an organization.

Sadly, to the disadvantage of billions of human beings coerced or forced into the corporate army of laborers at the lowest possible wage, the only individuals who've benefited from this obtuse designation are a few well-healed business elites.

Trampling upon the rights of workers who are the true sentient individuals, corporations have been given free rein to destroy our environment, society, and governments so that this minority of corporate rulers can live in grandeur.

These corporate monarchies never miss an opportunity to remind us bottom dwellers of their status as individuals. What is hard to stomach is that their individual status somehow gives them the right to trash our society and planet. Where in the bygone pioneer economy was anyone allowed free reign to pillage his/her neighbors?

All the pioneers have died; we're now left with unyielding followers of an intolerant discredited mythology.