Tomorrow We Dance To Freedom

The Mind Squeezers of the Future

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So what milestone are we seeking to reach today? My expectations were further removed from sensibility than yours or for that matter anyone else's given the urgency of the situation. All the indicators seem to be nose-diving. How the hell are we going to pull the next fluffy white rabbit out of a hat that is now threadbare from excessive use?

Granted there are many gullible people who will believe whatever crap we shove under their noses but isn't this going a bit too far doubling the number of government "Orchestrators" amongst our ranks? Just yesterday we had food riots in New York City that were sifted through our new improved super event cleansing team. What a superb job they did at transforming the anger of starving citizens into the pent up frustration by these now governmentally conscious patriots at continually receiving more food ration cards from grocers than they required.

Now the next rivet to be placed in this grand group consciousness-altering program has now taken a drastic turn towards more overt hands that manipulate not only the content but also the intended recipient of the propagandized material. By dragging citizens out of their homes in the dead of night and throwing them into black vans that take them to "Black Ops" facilities in order to turn them into these finely tuned propaganda receivers aren't we crossing the line from democracy to a thought controlling police state. Granted, the level of democracy infused into the inner workings of the United States in 2011 resemble the machinations of a plutocracy but at the very least respect for individual human rights was still somewhat intact prior to this unjustifiable invasion of people's homes.

Stories have been circulating for months away from the mainstream media about this our most high exposure of "Black Ops" programs aimed at short-circuiting unapproved facts and opinions. We're all intimately aware that the seeding of a population with outgoing programmed individuals acting as both receivers and disseminators of our finely crafted bull dung has stemmed the tide of dissension in our nation. We now have it within our power to swiftly divert attention, distort public opinion, and wreak havoc in the ranks of those attempting to convey the undistorted truth to the public. No objective is to far-fetched given the deviant intellectual minds and tools at our immediate disposal.

The question before us now is how far is too far before we lose sight of the very liberties we are attempting to protect. But protect from whom?

For the very people that make up the majority of citizens within our country have now become the enemy to be kept at bay from an elite business plutocracy that has never stopped using the levers of government to advance their unchecked interests. No amount of prodding, brain washing, and downright physical force is now to extreme when it comes to insuring the wellbeing of this super upper class of elite autocrats.

My mind races towards the day when even those of us in the inner circle of the intelligentsia and media who perpetuate these lies all in the interest of some shadow governmental agency will also become the prey of a new vastly more powerful nest of evil. No bright lines exist to rein in this unfettered power so it will never reach its apex; instead it will keep moving past many goalposts. Those with the power to shape public opinion into anything that they desire will use it to further line their pockets. Already special units of this shadow government are marching in unison to the beat of a drummer that is dead set upon taking absolute power. Masterfully wrapping all the lies that plug into a coherent shell of illusion these experts in societal control are making it almost impossible to distinguish their world of illusion from the clear crisp world of reality.

Someday those outside of this business regime will look around in astonishment at the damage inflicted in this culture of acceptance and shutter in disbelief at the capacity for people to exist in complacency when white-hot rage would have been a more appropriate reaction. That day is unfortunately a long way off someplace in the distant horizon. Certainly it is not the blood red horizon that awaits the awakening of more pain, dishonestly, corruption, inequity, and disunity that will befall an already economically scorched citizenry.

Even though our past producers of fairy tales were highly skilled at channeling public opinion away from volatile issues like inadequate wages to a more business palatable "credit crisis" there is still a lot they could have learned using our more overt form of reality subversion. Yes, they were very effective at stopping the spread of this real underlying reason for the global depression - lack of adequate income to maintain consumption spending. Our predecessors used what we now deem to be a more simplistic mass penetration technique that floods the bought out established media outlets with a daily barrage of "credit crisis", "what the economy really needs is more credit not income", "save the well-heeled bankers & investors to make all right again in the world", and "we mustn't concentrate upon the negative economic news for this will only make us angry leading to health problems." We should all look back at this primitive time with awe and wonder because what our predecessors achieved without the use of brain altering surgery, physical torture, and other more overt uses of "black gloved" government power was simply astounding.

We're already researching the next generation of citizen control using more live subjects than we've used in the past. With this new generation of mind control there will be no more questioning deviants that slip through the cracks - we will give our business rulers the absolute power they've been seeking for years.