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The Malady of Immorality

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A malady has taken hold of the social fabric of our time that is so pervasive and unrelenting that its current washes all towards the rocks of moral depravity. Our governments, private citizenry, and organizations focus on one thing at the expense of all others - "self". All interests act in accordance with aggrandizing, obtaining complete fulfillment, and the satisfaction of self over community. Nothing is to come before "self", any cost is to be endured, and any archaic moral among all morals is relegated to the oblivion of obscurity and vanquished.

What is apparent is that scandal, deception, and dishonestly are moving humanity towards an abyss of insecurity, tumult, and instability. A changing surface whereby economic and political dynamics are assisting in the evolution of a world that is neither silent nor hospitable to the individual. Only, the interests of "self" dominant on a sphere where influence and corruption are byproducts of moral debauchery - a debauchery that originally started seeping down through the cracks of the once representative governments. The ooze of "self" then covered every aspect of private life until once habitual non-confrontational social intercourse became infused with the slime of confrontational "self". Effective government and business cannot perpetuate when all interest exists for the sole benefit of "self". Society is no longer social, family is no longer tightly bonded, government is no longer impartial with an eye toward the betterment of all, and business is conducted dishonestly.

In government, the object is no longer to benefit country, through enactment of laws that benefit the majority of constituents but quite the contrary the objective has become the betterment of "self" through special interest legislation. Business is now engaged in the continuous satisfaction of the special interest stock market analysts. The average individual has felt the sticky ooze of "self" but is unable to evade the slime of "self" flowing from all directions from government and business - thus emulation is the order of the day. The sure sign of this form of debauchery is a government consisting of self-serving selves: casting a reflection of unworthiness.

Nothing escapes from the truth, not even something that is the sticky remains of what the truth was before it was corrupted. Therefore, be aware that dishonestly, deceit, corruption, and the gospel of "self" are the ingredients for the cauldron of wrenching change that spews forth from this morally debased gruel.

A storm of change is approaching. The people slowly becoming aware of their insignificance, insecurity, and impatience are awakening from their chants of "that's just the way it is" to an awareness of their governments ineptitude, incompetence, and unworthiness. It is feasible that at some point wrenching change will occur in a society of "self" when the self-interests of the many are subjugated to the interests of the few. A creeping slow awareness of our current state is moving from an original idea that is coalescing with the many ideas generated by the few until it is becoming a gale of unrelenting change that is being elicited by the majority.