Tomorrow We Dance To Freedom

The Letter Ripping State

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We are a complacent malleable people. All our fears melt away into a machine like existence, a belief that we are individually safe and secure. Just because we no longer expect to hear a tell-tale click-click on a digital phone or see ripped open letters that instead are being intercepted via electronic means - all must be well. There really is no need to exercise our dormant once questioning minds.

Governments that routinely devour large volumes of personal information surely can and must be trusted. This is especially true when they extoll the banner of democracy so gallantly across a world buried under a global corporatism - an income sucking beast that feasts upon a race to the bottom labor arbitrage.

Only the lobbyist sleeps soundly under a pillow of cash she's readied for tomorrow's distribution. All those slumbering peacefully in nose-bleed opulence know all too well that information is power especially when it rests in the hands of obedient servants.

Sleep restfully for another day beckons. Be careful not to question, for reasoning is not tolerated in such a global trap.