Tomorrow We Dance To Freedom

The Genesis of a Humane World

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The People's Revolution is rumbling through former streets of destitution, despair, and hopelessness. Tides of aspiration flood freedoms elation over barren ruthlessness - flaming purple flashes of emotional eruption burn horrors from their enclaves of darkness.

The genesis of a humane world is taking shape. A blue planet is coming alive, rushing towards a destiny of shared freedom. It's a mass awakening of the spirit, an intellectual integrity - a determination to build a world of justice.

Extra-constitutional powers, antidemocratic regimes, autocrats, and all that liters the clean streets of liberty are being sweep aside.

A shared consciousness envelops my fellow sojourners. We're not allowing ourselves to be broken down, whittled into a useless stump. A global destiny awaits, we will not succumb to divisiveness. Religion and race - the deception that neutralizes concerted action must stay at the doorstep of zealots.

A respect of freedom in its purest form - untainted by hatred for those who are perceived as different links many hands in friendship across innumerable borders. Ours is a revelation, a new beginning.

Pain stings - death - a ghoulish splat that was a father's son or daughter covers a tank's steel treads.

Murderers that cower behind their machinery of terror, bloodthirsty kingdoms that disrespect human dignity, these butchers of innocents are destined to oblivion. Nation-states that disregard the desperate appeals of their citizens are being vaporized to a powdery dust under the feet of countless survivors.

Terror the autocrat's weapon of choice, illusion the propagandist's obfuscation of reality, tools utilized to cement the reign of anti-majoritarian regimes are now useless - the slumbering masses have awakened. No longer content to swallow gruel or happily grope for the droppings of elites empowered individuals have now found the courage to unite. They're resolute; they will overthrow their oppressors.

Schemes devised to fog the natural clarity of the mind are now ineffectual. The inauthentic that subvert the truth are relics. Their masters system of indoctrination has been exposed.

With the dawn of this new century a conscious awakening took root. Unconditional domination by a moralizing cliché of arrogant hypocrites that touted a dysfunctional exploitative ethos steeped in mega power avarice had become intolerable. All the twisted slogans intertwined into an institutionalized weapon used to marginalize the majority have minimal effect on a disenfranchised citizenry. Awakened from our stupor we're no longer a passive divided mass of obedient supplicants.

The global corporate nation-state federation is a closed circle, an elite camp of homogeneity controlled by ritualistic conformists. Creativity has fled the vacuum to be replaced by mystics with advanced degrees in pseudo sciences. Any variation from the 'enlightened' design of this institutionalized irrationality is deemed immoral - the heretics must be burned at the stake.

Submissive citizens are the accepted moral cowards - robot slaves - those who can readily regurgitate the media generated propaganda. These are the 'decent' law-abiding folk that cleave to form a 'moral majority'. The rest of us who fight for a future are labeled degenerates.

Productive quite Droids, those that rocket to leadership positions are identified early on as having all the 'qualities' of a faithful zealot. But you must never forget that if you aspire to become a true zealot you must keep the door to your skeleton closet locked tight. Good zealots always forget their transgressions. Autocrats, leaders, former leaders - the preachers of the virtues of passivity; a life directed by a moral compass (good zealots) tend to omit tiny details like how many thousands of innocents died from their callous use of power. But the true believer would never let reality tarnish how they feel about their favorite tyrant.