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General Population Are "The Expendables"

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Super-crust pirates in their global raid on our livelihoods' and planet's resources are amoral tyrants who care for nothing but what they can accumulate in bank vaults. Capitalism is such a corrosive societal construct that it destroys communities and the natural sustainability of innate cultural constructs. Absolutely nothing good can come from this environment of greed, falling per-capita real incomes, and distrust.

Our first order of business is to bulldoze this hate-filled profit-zealots clubhouse off the cliff. Until we do that nothing will be accomplished. The end goal of the big-business masters and their lobbyist messengers is to have a world of subservient totally dependent slaves that they can cherry-pick from various countries. These income freaks do not care about our wellbeing their paramount interest is to accumulate ever-larger piles of loot that they can send to their tax-haven secure offshore bank accounts. Negative externalities resulting from the self-centered deviant behavior of these royal bandits is viewed as a necessary outcome of making money. Their motto is: "To hell with everyone but me."

Have you ever asked yourself what should my role be in guiding events that shape the daily outcomes in a genuine democratic society? Is there a sincere reason why the general population is always excluded from charting their own future? Or could it be that the general structural makeup of the global society that treats the upper-class like conquering heroes and laborers like exchangeable easily expended widgets is the primary reason nothing that benefits 99% of population will ever be considered?

Now that most of this world's rapidly expanding underclass is awakening from a long trance induced state of capitalist euphoria - the mantra chanting has ceased - we are now understanding the true makeup of a world grinding along just so a tiny sliver of income pirates can amass more stolen wealth. It is refreshing to see so many people who not more than a few months ago would never have stood up for their human rights now actively engaged in shouting down lobbyist-snatch political hacks and raising fists up in protest to the status quo pillage.

But how are we to change something that is so rotten to its core? We are not. The only conceivable way we will ever free up enough income to repair our global infrastructure, provide universal healthcare to every human being, build hospitals and mental health facilities, provide cost-free education, and the many other basic necessities of an advanced civilization is if we completely replace the existing 1% system of pillage with a People-First society.

A culture that has hierarchical leadership chains intent upon milking the general population of its dignity and lunch money will never have the necessary income stream or empowered worker owners' to make the changes the People's Movement envisions. That is why we first must dismantle the current dysfunctional rich boys and girls club if we are to even conceive of making meaningful changes in the lives of the general population. The current setup of superclass income rape is not conducive to getting anything accomplished that would benefit those of us in the 99% who are sinking deeper into debt and poverty every day that we go to work in our autocratic slave camps.

Dismantling this culture of Rambo-like greedy roulette wheel spinners who have no concern for anything but how much illicit wealth they can accumulate by working their underpaid laborers into an early grave - this should be the primary objective of our movement. We should not waste time protesting against an array of symptoms that will never be solved in the current climate of capitalist cultism. Our forces should unite behind the single objective of replacing this dogma infused hate-filled cesspool with a decent society founded in egalitarian People-First communities of respect and self-determination in a 24/7 democracy that also flows into the workplace.

Extreme shortages of basic needs are suffered by the general population of this planet simply because wealth and income generation is exclusively for the capitalist wealth hoarders representing a mere fraction of the population. Feeders in the upper-class do not care whether our children can go to college, if we can get decent healthcare that does not leave us broke, how many hours we must sit in traffic to get to our lousy jobs, or the fact that we are the rightful heirs to our world - the molders of our future. All these thieves care about is myopically focused upon wealth extraction. They are narrow-minded sociopaths that could never envision even the basic concepts of community. Their world view is not aligned with ours. We are the creators and builders while they are the 'takers' of a parasitic class.

These and other ideas, a revolutionary way of envisioning our world outside the propagated falsehoods of spoilers only interested in leaving us penniless are finally allowing many to see past the encouraged euphoria of being the willing sacrificial lambs to a system of plunder. If the ideas of the People's Movement were not powerful, a consequence of hardship experience by millions across the globe, they would never have resonated and taken root. The soil is fertile for dramatic cultural change. Citizens of this 1% ruled world are tired of being pushed around, we are all longing for meaningful change that is not lip-service by those up top seeking to perpetuate their system of advantages.

No evil country, entity, or obscure organization has thrust these possibilities upon a deceived people - we are not children incapable of understanding our true condition. What the powerful status quo capitalists want you to believe is that nefarious outsiders are attempting to stir up trouble - that they are liable for your enlightenment. Maybe, it is the infusion of new ideas across a formerly docile population that the establishment fears the most - the loss of their tight grip around our necks.

Trying to put the idea Genie back in the bottle is driving the 1% establishment propagandists crazy. They are concentrating their efforts on promoting the fallacy that the People-First society is contaminated, an evil-virus that will destroy all that is grand in this 'democratic' corporate prison camp. Beware, for thinking is dangerous. You can never be too careful. You might be reasoning using some unapproved concepts that will kill the Giant Capitalist Leach. Keep your mind pure of all unclean and 'undemocratic' thoughts. Watch more reality TV, consume more fatty prepared foods, and seek to become more lethargic but never start reasoning for yourself, that is not your responsibility, you are just a labor robot not allowed dignity or the right to chart your own future.

Only appropriately indoctrinated citizens of good-stock, those already resting their buttocks on overstuffed executive chairs are deemed fit to construct illusion so that it can keep the masses working harder for less money - this is the prerequisite of all the elitists living like pharaohs. Having excellent connections in the bloodsuckers' realm of neo-feudalism is more important than possessing exquisite qualities of perception, intelligence, and creativity. For it is all about passing the rusty scepter on to the progeny of superclass plunders and not about having capable leaders in the hierarchical leadership chains. Not that we want a new pack of blubbery bosses even if they have brains ruling over us - better yet, just let them off at the next exit.

Do you need any proof of the incompetence of the 1% executive crowd than the clown sitting in the White House? Come on, this guy is a sorry excuse even for the luxuriating castle tribe but do you expect gospel chanters to be enlightened well-read intellectuals? When all you really need to do is follow the capitalist bible, not deviate from scripture and never question its teachings why would a good raider have the slightest inclination to explore new concepts?

Could that be why the entire mess seems like it is at a standstill?

Stasis has set in, society under capitalism always gets stuck, unable to move past oligarchy. Blockheads from the executive office club eventually run the companies into the ground by deeply cutting expenses and sacrificing quality, worker cohesion, and hiring less experienced significantly cheaper employees. With an upper threshold to productivity gains the result of diminishing returns on technical upgrades and related efficiencies there just is not any place else that the good capitalist thief can look to save that extra buck he can stuff in his pocket. He must then start degrading product quality either directly or indirectly to save money that is demanded by income voracious investors.

Moving back down into the deep hole of corporate upper-tier self-destructive activities does not need to be revisited by this essay. Every one of us is aware of the problems associated with allowing the knights of the corporate realm free rein to loot the firms they give so little to simply because they are the self-anointed holders of the sacred scrolls of capitalist voodoo.

The underlying objective of this writing is to analyze the dynamics surrounding the love affair between the lawmakers and their corporate interlopers the lobbyists - the giant human shredder that is destroying more and more people. Whether it is intentional or just a byproduct of the global 1% capitalist society collusion does take place between transnational companies, lobbyists, and governments that are disconnected from the citizens and customers they are supposed to represent and serve.

Boldfaced lies are all constituents' of so-called modern democracies ever get when it comes to addressing their needs and concerns. This is simply a factor of this societal construct that enforces the preeminent position of corporate wants and concerns. Everyday citizens who work in these autocratic slave camps never have and never will get their problems addressed by a clan of robber barons who rather their subjects would just keep their mouths shut and expend all their energies on being more productive tools of the master class.

Whenever the G20 most 'important' wealth scalping nations meet, their emphasis is never on the well-being of the citizens across a unified planet but on their big-business paymasters who have jobs waiting for them when they leave politics. Today's world is blistered by the virus of top-heavy pillage. Puss is destroying what remains of the healthy tissue. Merging business and political interests that are stilted towards the continued enrichment of a tiny class of money-grubbers is sheer lunacy. This is such a virulent toxin that it can tangle any society up in destructive chaos.

In a people-centric world there would be no distinction between what benefits business or the general citizenry because both would be intrinsically entwined with the wellbeing of the global citizenry. No privileged group of mobsters would exist. Access to political hacks ready to enact legislation legalizing the theft of revenue by the 1% from what is rightfully worker owned businesses would have long ago been terminated.

There is no substitute for fairness if you want to survive. Businesses must become subservient to the needs of the people. The laborers who rightfully own them based upon their daily toil that keeps them viable and generating revenue should be the sole beneficiaries of these organizations.

In a People-First society artificial legal entities like the fiction of having companies become people so they can supplant flesh-and-blood human beings to achieve dominance over humanity would once again be relegated to fantasy. Devious outgrowths are the puss that leaks from blister infected degenerate societies. The more unequal and inequitable a society the more convoluted it's reasoning. Laws just become a jumble of idiocy navigated by those versed in finding their way through the maze.

Crimes against humanity are committed every time a business tramples on the human rights of global citizens. The current Profit-First society that only values wealth is not a healthy cultural foundation but quicksand that sends the majority of this planet's citizens racing towards the bottom. Formulating an equitable, decent, egalitarian, 24/7 democracy that does not end at the office or factory door requires placing the interests of human beings first - businesses, robots, and all the other artifacts of the human endeavor should be a distant second or even relegated to last place.

The destruction that occurs in the name of money cleverly masquerading as progress is intolerable. Families, the environment, and individuals are sacrificed not for the greater good or more vibrate communities but so lawmakers, investors, and assorted business zealots can line their pockets with cash.

Southern hemispheric raw resource depletion that enslaves the populations of already impoverished countries forced to work for pennies on the dollar in transnational corporate labor camps has resulted in polluted wastelands and former farms without farmers. Those who are not directly employed by the raw resource extracting bandits face regular outbreaks of famine. They suffer the consequences of unenforced environmental laws that leave entire swaths of formally agriculturally productive areas polluted with mercury and other waste byproducts of various forms of raw resource extraction.

Cataloging all the problems generated by a corruption plagued amoral society like capitalism would take many volumes and cannot be appropriately addressed in a few lines of an essay. Suffice to say, if we ever want to achieve normalcy - a semblance of decency not tarnished by money-grubbing pirates we must place the current societal abomination in the cultural dumpster.

The natural outcome of basic morality, decency, and behaviors shaped within a fair society eliminate the need for contrivances because contrived outcomes are alien to equitable civilizations with cultures that do not have a privileged class of 'takers'. We now need to resolve to swap this haunted house for a nice ranch in the People-First suburbs were a community ethos thrives on the contributions made by every individual.