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The Economy Is Gasping for Breath

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Lights camera action… Shout it out; the global economy is flourishing in a slow but gradual recovery. Wait a minute how is this even remotely possible with unemployment continuing to cut-down hard working citizens.

Not hundreds, or thousands, but millions march in line towards a useless oblivion in an economy by name only; an economy geared exclusively towards brandishing a foul smelling fantasy of accounting profits.

Fundamentals, the rock solid real, the tangible, the produced, that thing you can hold in your hands, that is what an economy rests upon - not the fast talking perpetually wrong sellers of snake oil gulped down by gullible investors.

Wake up America, wake up, and snap out of it. Wake up world, wake up, and snap out of it. This is not a game this is real life.

Revenue generated from a steady stream of consumers with income (money) to spend is the life's blood of a business, the life's blood of an economy.

The problem with this 'swamp-thing' we call an economy is inadequate income not flowing into the hands, and from the hands of the highest number of economic participants. Income if fairly distributed to the majority of global citizens will be spent - it will be transformed into the fuel of the economic engine, revenue.

This is a guarantee, so listen up, and turn off the squawking hucksters promising a wonderful world of blissful fantasy. This economy is dying; it started dying over thirty years ago. It will not break out of this downward spiral until meaningful income reaches the majority of global citizens. So forget the printed media parrot poppycock, the crap dragged in cartloads by neoclassical economic witch doctors - this suckers gasping for breath.