Tomorrow We Dance To Freedom

The Alliance to Defeat Evil

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Torn between the old regime's torpid response and the new government's embrace of realism - progress was now possible. It was crystal clear what was at stake - how totally absorbed a life could become in a singular task when it was understood how disastrous the consequences could be if failure ruled the day.

This delegation had traveled distances beyond comprehension just to extend the hand of friendship to those whom they still considered irrational. Conflicts of opinion between those who deemed inclusion of these reactionary people in the far-flung government a mistake and those who believed in the potential of this young civilization were fought regularly. Promoting the merits of the inclusion block was none other than Prince Zalok the supreme commander of the kingdom's vast forces. Unfortunately, King Forlon was nothing but lukewarm to the idea of bringing such a primitive species into the kingdom. It seemed for now that the influence of Prince Zalok who was next in line to succeed King Forlon was wearing down the old leader, for he was beginning to acquiesce towards bringing this insignificant planetary system into the protective fold.

Not for a single minute did anyone believe that Prince Zalok's actions on behalf of his government were totally altruistic. Why come such great distances to hold a council with all the important leaders of a planet in a far outer arm of the galaxy. Surely, the supreme military leader of a kingdom extending clear across the galaxy had more pressing matters to attend to than discussing the inclusion of this minute speck of a solar system. Concern was so endemic with the planetary delegates that some who were prone to excessive sweating had visibly wet foreheads. What was the shocker that would be revealed by Prince Zalok at some point in the discussions? Everyone waited tensely not knowing whether to celebrate his arrival or to fear it for the news that he conceivably carried with him across many light years.

The media was in frenzy - reporting on every word, action, or gesture made by the Prince. Every analyst no matter what their specialty was now engaged in dissecting this or that tiniest 'morsel' of information for any trend exhibited by the Prince that could be extrapolated in order to make a prediction of motive. Waiting was all the citizens of this backwoods planet could do - anxiously wait.

Most were certain that the more powerful governments must have had a profound understanding of every aspect of Prince Zalok's visit. Of course, these governments wouldn't divulge any of the sensitive tidbits of information they'd accumulated when so much was thought to be on the line. How could they possibly divulge details that would be so terrifying - most were convinced that all the powerful explosions in the sky were not just pieces of space debris (per media reports) that just happened to be more prone to crashing into each other now that Prince Zalok's fleet of white saucers had taken residence at military installations around the globe.

Many days passed with only a smattering of disinformation masked as news reaching the general public. Then on the 47th day of the talks both parties emerged at a predetermined time. The crowd of a million or more standing the full length of the Washington Mall west of the Capitol steps was eerily quiet when Prince Zalok took the podium. In what would be carved 10 years from this date on a monument commemorating all those who lost their lives in a war fought so that others might survive - the first guttural sounds heard before his translation device kicked in only increased the level of anxiety felt by the millions (billions worldwide) waiting for what was theorized at the time to be a life altering revelation.

"People of the planet Earth I've come to warn you of an impending danger. Never before have you faced such a force that is now positioned to invade your small world. This is not a force wielded by a compassionate restrained power but one that has a single purpose - to destroy and conquer; they are a scourge that has plagued the galaxy for many years. These evil admirers of destitution and waste have brought havoc to many innocent citizens on many planets within this galaxy. My primary objective is to stop these raiders here and now. They will be given no quarter. They can be assured of one result - the complete obliteration of their means to wage war. Together we will remove this aberration of nature from the universe. Thank you." With the completion of his short speech Prince Zalok left the podium with all the world's leaders in tow. For more than 10 minutes quiet once again prevailed in the form of shock finally broken by screams of fear as a massive black disk tore a fiery burning path through the sky falling over the Capitol; heading due east. After the elapse of about a minute a tremendous explosion was heard followed by a blinding ball of orange yellow energy that rose upwards of several hundred feet.

What had begun would over time mold a selfish people into a community of interest firm in their understanding that cooperation was more than an option it was essential.