Tomorrow We Dance To Freedom

The 99 Percent

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Wafting through the congealed air of insensitive crony capitalist orthodoxy is a clear crisp scent of the aspirations of a downtrodden forgotten global citizenry. Neglected, ignored, and pushed around, a restless rebellious attitude is gripping the vast majority with a steely determination to demolish the entire societal edifice that is mega-corporatism.

They represent a growing majority of the "99 Percent" who will no longer meekly accept that it is their patriotic duty to take the low road into devastating poverty. Why should they pay higher taxes, accept high unemployment, corrupt government, low-wages, restrictions on existing freedoms, and reduced government services all so their castle dwelling masters can blast deeper into a billionaire heaven?

On the frontlines of protests, riots, and civil disobedience that is ripping apart the tidy unruffled lives of the privileged manipulators are individuals who've opted to fight for a modicum of justice and self-respect.

These regular hard working citizens come from a broad swath of socio-economic backgrounds: young people, professionals, the elderly, a growing peasant class of working poor, small to medium sized business owners, and others. They're fellow citizens who are disgusted by the "1 Percent" of megalomaniac overlords that believe it is their right to ravenously consume even if it turns the planet into a toxic wasteland and the "99 Percent" into emaciated labor slaves.

This "1 Percent" comprised of voodoo economic dogma enforcers, lobbyists, transnational executives, big-time investors, politicians from every political persuasion, and all those who perpetuate a dysfunctional, corrupt, self-enriching elite cabal of sociopaths are ready to deep-six anyone who comes between them and their gigantic mountains of wealth.

When the oppressed ninety-nine percent confront the societal institutions owned by these denizens of kleptocratic sleaze their response is to send legions of club wielding thugs out into the 'peasant villages'. These fully assimilated protectors of crony capitalism, indoctrinated to be devoid of all critical thoughts, descend upon the upstarts, joyously swinging at all who would dare attempt to sever their tether to the Great Leech.

But the Great Leech can't deter an idea once its taken root. So typically, you'll find people from all walks-of-life on the front lines of our people's revolution, those subsisting at the economic ground zero, the ninety-nine 'percenters' sucked dry by the kleptocratic royalty.

Each and every one of these citizens is fully engaged in a fight for pure freedom, a release from the shackles of unresponsive, unrepresentative, and corrupt elite bound societal institutions. What you won't find are 'hippies' - if our elite kleptocratic 'friends' is pathetically implying that the "99 Percent" of folks are rejects - although unlike the Masters-of-the-Universe we feel that everyone has worth, except those who'd try to exploit us. So if 'hippies' aren't just a propaganda concoction dreamed up by the elites they're also welcomed to join us on this great adventure to a better tomorrow.

Mostly though, the global citizens making up our ranks are observant leaders, realists, not afraid to take action, to obliterate a tumor of absolute corruption metastasizing in a killing field of favoritism. Our trek will be hard, our path treacherous, but our resolve is unwavering. We will blaze the trail towards a passionately beautiful future. No force imaginable can deter us from our destiny!