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Target the Plutocrats Castles Not Our Fellow Valley-Dwellers

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Tears stream down the tired sullen faces. When will the jailers stop killing the inmates? Channeling all the money so that it flows straight up to the castle dwellers leave us valley toilers with only spare change. Little remains to pay the masters jailers. These enforcers of a corrupt big-business ruled world are also seriously strapped for money. Merely a symptom of a society of privilege the police officers should not be the target of our scorn. The elite rulers are the perpetrators of this evil, they are the real destroyers. All problems stem from a lack of adequate income reaching the 95% of the citizens of this planet who would spend it, pouring fuel directly into the global economic engine. Not until we take down this society that is a new feudalism meant to enslave will we know peace and prosperity.

The aristocrats relax in perfect enjoyment watching the serfs fight among themselves. Many factions of the subjugated majority are now at each other’s throats. By damming all income behind their castle walls governments at all levels in this taker-society have had to cut expenditures to the bone. With real take home pay falling year-over-year municipal police forces have lowered their hiring standards, cutback on training, and shoved substantial insurance premium increases down the throats of their first-responders.

Let’s be abundantly clear, the People’s Movement deplores the recent actions of some police officers. There complete disregard for the sanctity of life is inexcusable but let’s not get distracted by a symptom of this despicable culture. Not all police officers are blood-thirsty baton wielding maniacs that will instantly go for your throat or quick-draw their six-shooter filling you full of lead. These are just the overblown deviant exceptions. Most cops do their jobs valiantly. They keep us safe from and track down murders, rapists, and your general psychopath. These dangerous criminals are far more numerous than the few bad apples allowed to become police officers. It is all about maintaining a proper perspective.

Keep focused. The laser targeted issue is this debased society structured so that the super-rich maintain control over our governments and wallets. It is their undermining of the very economic foundation of our planetary society that has destroyed what were adequately funded local governments. In the past our county, city, and state governments had the resources to hire quality candidates, pay decent wages, retain, and finance quality training programs. Now we are left with mere skeletons of barely functioning governmental entities that often times don’t even have the money to keep buildings from crumbling beyond repair. There simply is not enough income circulating around in the land of the valley dwellers.

It is the looters system of pillage that is responsible for all the killing. Poor fighting poor, a downcast majority forced to scavenge for the few coins from the sale of single cigarettes, the many pitiful ways some of us have been financially tortured by our feudal billionaire tyrants who are the real evil we must remove from power. Target their castles. Until the plutocrats experience the consequences of their actions they will calmly watch the happenings down in the valley with no concern for the outcome.

Self-determination is only meaningful when it is not corralled behind barbed wire. Absolute freedom is the paramount right of all sentient beings. Peacefully clog the thoroughfares of the royals.